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School of Teacher Education

School of Teacher Education

Liberal Studies
SDSU Liberal Studies


On this page: Learn about coursework including school visits and video interactions where you will observe teaching and learning at multiple grade levels in a variety of settings.

What are Fieldwork Courses?

There are courses offered throughout the major that will give you experience in local schools or via video. You will observe teaching and learning at multiple grade levels and in multiple environments (e.g., general and special education). These Early Field Experiences (EFE) will be invaluable to you as you refine your career goals.

Preparing for Fieldwork

School sites require you to maintain the public safety and health standards. To participate in fieldwork, you must first get a TB Test and a Certificate of Clearance


In cases where school visits are required, students who lack transportation will be accommodated with placements within walking distance of SDSU or accessible via public transportation.

Current Fieldwork Courses:

ED 200 - Observe 30 hours in a school

Throughout the first 3 years, students work on critical thinking, research, and writing skills. During their second or third semester, students take Education 200, Teaching as a Profession. In the interdisciplinary course ED 200, students explore their readiness for a career in teaching and learn about the various pathways available through the Liberal Studies major. In this course, they complete 30 hours of fieldwork during which they critically assess issues related to teaching in culturally and linguistically diverse school settings, learn about career paths, and evaluate their occupational fitness for the teaching profession.

Exercise and Nutritional Science 241 A&B (ENS 241 A&B)

Students spend the activity part of class working with school-aged children in various PE activities.

Math Education 212

In Mathematics Education 212, students examine the learning process by studying how elementary school children learn mathematical concepts. In this course, you will observe and interview children about their thoughts and feelings about the subject of mathematics. And you will learn to understand how children arrive at mathematical answers as they develop.

Liberal Studies 300

To be taken during students' junior year, this is a continuation of ED 200 with 30 additional hours of schoolroom observation. Students focus on the nature of the disciplines — goals, processes, and evaluation — as well as how the knowledge being learned will ultimately be used in the classroom.

  • Note: LS 498 is no longer a fieldwork class.

Enrollment Restrictions

Upper-division courses are not open to Liberal Studies pre-majors. Footnotes in the Class Schedule contain information on enrollment restrictions for courses. Please read them carefully when searching for classes.

Photo: elementary school classroom

SDSU's Liberal Studies major offers early field experience: Participate in a classroom as early as sophomore year.

School of Teacher Education

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