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School of Teacher Education

School of Teacher Education

Liberal Studies
SDSU Liberal Studies

Information for Parents

On this page: Find information for parents of students who are — or plan to become — Liberal Studies majors.

Welcome, Parents of Liberal Studies Students!

Congratulations! You are the parent of a Liberal Studies - SDSU Student! 

The Liberal Studies major is one of several programs in the School of Teacher Education, which is in the College of Education.

Top-Notch Education

SDSU’s College of Education programs are highly ranked. In the U.S. News & World Report's 2019 rankings, SDSU’s College of Education is:

  • #1 among CSU system
  • #1 in San Diego
  • #7 in California
  • #40 among public universities nationwide
  • #54 among all universities nationwide

The Liberal Studies major is robust and rigorous, and we strive to provide our students with a top-notch college education.

Support and Resources

To support our students on their educational journeys, we offer individualized advising, networking opportunities, and much more.

The Liberal Studies program has its own dedicated leadership team and 2 support systems via the School of Teacher Education and the College of Education's Office of Student Services. Students have many tools and resources at their disposal. We are committed to helping all of our students reach their educational and career goals. Rest assured, your student is in good hands!

An Important Milestone

Obtaining a college education is an important milestone in your student's adult life. In addition to gaining knowledge, college is an important experience for your son or daughter.

Photo: Dr. Virginia Loh-Hagan

Albert Einstein said, "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think." As an educator, my biggest tip for all parents of college-aged children is to allow them to solve their own problems:

  • Let your students think their own thoughts! 
  • Let them embrace their own struggles!
  • Let them learn from their own mistakes so they can make new mistakes!

From choosing their classes to choosing their careers, our students will be learn to be their own advocates and their own change agents.

We are thrilled to be working with your student!

Welcome to SDSU! Aztecs for life!

Please keep up with us via twitter: #SDSULibSt


Dr. Virginia Loh-Hagan
Director, SDSU Liberal Studies Program

The International Experience Requirement

As a Liberal Studies major, your student will participate in our International Experience program. This will be an enriching and educational experience, whether your student has previous international experience or is new to overseas travel.

Want to know more? Review our International Experience Requirement, including how to finance your student's travels. Also, review information specifically for parents of SDSU study abroad students.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financing a college education can be a challenge for both students and their parents. Explore helpful information about financial aid, work study, scholarships, internships, and other ways to finance your student's college education.

Parents of Future Aztecs

Is your student considering attending SDSU as a Liberal Studies major? We hope you will spend time reviewing the information on this site and contact us with any remaining questions you may have about our program.

Q: Can my parents call on my behalf?

A: Liberal Studies Students: For all matters related to your progress in the LS program, you should advocate for yourself.  Feel free to lean on your family and friends for support, but they should not be contacting the LS office on your behalf. Due to FERPA, we cannot share any information with them in any case. 


Questions? Email

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  • You're invited to join our newly created Facebook Group This is a great way for you to keep up with what's happening in the Liberal Studies program at SDSU. Feel free to post comments, pictures, resources, etc.
  • And please join us on Twitter: @SDSULibSt #SDSULibSt

Photo: Hepner Hall

A Solid Foundation

Students in the Liberal Studies program have many options. Although the program is specially geared towards preparing students for a career in education, the Liberal Studies major is a generalist degree that serves as a solid foundation for graduate study and other careers that require a knowledge of various disciplines.

Photo: SDSU students in graduation gowns and regalia
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