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Liberal Studies
SDSU Liberal Studies

Pre-Major Requirements (Impaction Criteria)

On this page: Find detailed information about impaction criteria, the pre-major requirements you must complete before you may advance to the Liberal Studies major.

Impacted Program

The Liberal Studies major is an impacted program.* To be admitted to the Liberal Studies major with an emphasis in elementary education, mathematics, or science (generalist emphasis, see below), students must fulfill a number of preliminary requirements, called impaction criteria. Until you have completed these requirements, you remain in pre-major status and cannot yet declare the Liberal Studies major.

*Impacted Program: An undergraduate major is designated as impacted when the number of applications received from fully qualified applicants during the initial filing period exceeds the number of available spaces. Such majors are authorized to use supplementary admission criteria to screen applications. (Source: CSU Student Academic Services.)

Impaction Criteria:   

  • Complete a minimum of 60 transferable semester units
  • Earn a passing score on the SDSU Liberal Studies Mathematics Proficiency Assessment
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.70 or better 
  • Complete all courses listed in Preparation for the Major 
  • Complete with a grade of C (2.0) or better (these courses cannot be taken for credit/no credit):
    • A certified Area Al Oral Communication course
    • A certified Area A3 Intermediate Composition and Critical Thinking course
    • Exercise and Nutritional Sciences 241A and 241B 
    • Mathematics 210 and 211 
  • Declare (advance to) the Liberal Studies major

Completing the Major - Catalog Year

To complete the major, students must fulfill the degree requirements for the major and emphasis described in the catalog in effect at the time they are accepted into the pre-major at SDSU (assuming continuous enrollment). Learn more about catalog years.

Education Generalist Emphasis

Note to transfer students: Students begin at SDSU as a Liberal Studies pre-major and complete the 9.5 units of additional preparation for the major, including passing the Mathematics Proficiency Assessment. By the end of this step, the impaction criteria should be met.To be admitted to the Liberal Studies major with an Education Generalist Emphasis, students must also have completed the Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) for Liberal Studies to satisfy criteria “a” and “b.”

Single or Multiple Subject?

While you don’t need to make a firm decision right away, by the end of your freshman year you need to decide whether you are primarily interested in teaching all subjects or definitely only one subject.

Satisfactory Progress

The Liberal Studies program expects that all majors will make reasonable academic progress towards the degree. Liberal studies premajors who have completed major preparatory courses and earned 60 units, but have less than a 2.7 GPA, may be removed from the premajor and placed in undeclared. Students who have been placed on academic probation should take the university's academic probation tutorial and then see the Liberal Studies advisor to discuss their individual situation.

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