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Department of Counseling and School Psychology

Department of Counseling and School Psychology

Marriage & Family Therapy
multicultural 2-year face-to-face training program
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Wonyoung Cho, MS, LMFT

Lecturer and AAMFT Clinical Supervisor Candidate (English, Korean)

Cho received a BA in Psychology from UCLA and graduated from the SDSU MFT program in 2012. She is currently a doctoral student in Claremont Graduate University and San Diego State University's Joint Doctoral Program in Education. She returned from over three years of clinical work at the Rady Children's Hospital, Outpatient Psychiatry, and also supervises graduate students in clinical work time to time as an AAMFT Supervisor Candidate.
Research & Teaching Interests:

Theories of therapy and learning; Identity Construction and Performance; Cultural influences and professional cultural proficiency (humility) in schools and mental health care systems; Trauma-informed health care and education.

Selected professional development seminars:

Cho, W. (May 2017*). Framing Culture with Bowen Family Systems Theory. In-service for clinical staff and interns on Family Systems Theory and cultural considerations in conducting initial assessment and case conceptualization. Rady Children's Hospital, Outpatient Psychiatry, North Coastal.
*Annual Presentation (2012-2017)

Cho, W. (May 2017*). Narrative Therapy. In-service for interns on Narrative Theory for individual and family therapy. Rady Children's Hospital, Outpatient Psychiatry, North Coastal. 
*Annual Presentation (2013-2017)

Cho, W. (July 2015). TF-CBT with Complex Trauma: Case Study. In-service and live case presentation for student intern team at Rady Children's Hospital, Outpatient Psychiatry, North Coastal.

Cho, W. (June 2015*). Cultural Considerations for East Asian Families. In-service for staff and interns on collectivist culture and worldview as it impacts family dynamics and mental health treatment. Rady Children's Hospital, Outpatient Psychiatry, North Coastal.
*Annual Presentation (2012-2015)

Cho, W., Sallas, K., and Pineda, J. (July 2014). Raising Cultural Awareness and Translating it to Documentation. Mandatory Cultural Competency training for clinical staff at the Outpatient Psychiatry Department, Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego

Personal Interests:

Clinical specializations in trauma work with children and youth, as well as their families; working in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural ways to facilitate more practical, effective, and ethical mental health care and education for the next generation. Enjoying culture well.


SNS: @wylcho

Marriage & Family Therapy Program


Phone: 619-594-6109