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San Diego State University

Native American Scholars and Collaborators Projects

Fieldwork with Native Youth

Two rural partner school districts provide access to work with Native American students, parent groups, and tribal communities.

  • Mountain Empire School District (in partnership with Campo Reservation)
  • Valley Center School District


Photo: group shot of graduate students at school site
This group of scholars has worked out at our partner site, Mt. Empire School District, in partnership with the Campo Band of Kumeyaay Indians. (Left to right) Mikela Jones, Rajah Akbar, Dianna Tiger, Benita Big Foot, Darrick Franklin, Ann Pierce.



Photo: students in fieldwork classroom




Photo: Three young students

Campo Reservation 2015 Celebration

Photo collage: Images of students and children at Campo Reservation 2015 celebration


Why Native Communities Need Indigenous School Counselors & Psychologists

Nearly all children struggle with school at some point but can succeed with appropriate support.

Indigenous school counselors and psychologists possess the ability to affirm children's potential, contribute to their lifelong achievement, and strengthen communities.


Photo: Student with adult mentor