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San Diego State University

Native American Scholars and Collaborators Projects

Photos: Fieldwork



Photo: group shot of graduate students


(L-R): Mikela Jones, Rajah Akbar, Dianna Tiger, Benita Big Foot, Darrick Franklin, Ann Pierce

This group of scholars was working out at our partner site, Mt. Empire School district,
with Campo Band of Kumeyaay Indians. 



Photo: Helping young students




Photo: Teaching student group at table



Photo: Elvina Charley with students



Photo: Mentoring youth



Photo: Elvina Charley uses cradleboard to discuss concepts and meanings

Elvina Charley uses the cradle board to discuss concepts and meaning with young student.   

Photo: Outside classroom with young student



Photo: teaching outside


Photo: Students discussing
Photo: Teaching students about moccasins
Photo: group at whiteboard
Photo: Two students at whiteboard
Photo: Two young students
Photo: classroom circle


Photo: classroom circle


Photo: Elvina Charley with girls