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San Diego State University

Eligibility Criteria and How To Apply

  • Students are selected to participate in UB Programs based on a comprehensive recruitment, application and interview process during the second semester of their 9 th grade year. Specific criteria for eligible students are:
  • Low-income based on the annual federal low-income level guidelines and/or first generation in family to complete a four-year college education in the United States.
  • Citizen or national of the U.S., a permanent resident or can provide evidence from the Immigration and Naturalization Service of intent to become a permanent resident.
  • Identified need for academic support in order to successfully pursue a program of education beyond high school.
  • English Language Learner (for STAR Program only)
  • Completed the 8 th grade but not entered the 12th grade and between the ages of 13 and 19.


You must also be enrolled at one of the following schools to participate


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