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San Diego State University

Project CORE

Project CORE Program (Pre-service) for Bilingual Credential Candidates

Program Description
Criteria & Application Process
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Pre-Service Teacher Participants

Pre-service participants must be concurrently enrolled in SDSU's bilingual credential program. Over the course of their credential year, Project CORE pre-service participants attend a series of Friday institutes on the Common Core literacy standards, the California ELD 2012 Standards, and related topics as well as one or more related conferences, (typically on Saturday). The Project CORE institutes introduce student teachers to the CCSS in literacy with with an emphasis on delivering comprehensible and quality instruction to English Learners (EL's) and within Dual Language Programs.


  • $1,000 stipend upon program completion (see list of criteria for program completion distributed at orientation) 
  • Participants engage in collaborative professional development with SDSU faculty and the San Diego County Office of Education to enhance their capacity to deliver CCSS to EL's and Dual Language students. 
  • Participants will have access to an Online Learning Community that will include the latest research, strategies, and assessments for creating access to the CCSS for EL's and Dual Language students. 
  • Better Job opportunities (prior participants have reported that their familiarity with the CCSS made a big impression in hiring interviews)


Program Description


With the ultimate goal of transforming education for EL's, Project CORE brings together educators and second language acquisition experts from San Diego State University College of Education, San Diego County Office of Education, and local school districts to address the critical and urgent need to transition to California's Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Through these partnerships, Project CORE will specifically address the gap of educator capacity to provide EL's access to CCSS and opportunity to acquire 21st century, college and career readiness skills. In preparing university faculty, pre- service teachers and in-service teachers through specialized professional development, Project CORE will improve pedagogy of Dual Language Learners and, in turn, raise their achievement.

English Learners and Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

EL's are a heterogeneous group of students with varying degrees of primary language, English language, and academic language proficiencies. Because limited degrees of English language development and academic language development restrict these ELs access to grade-level academic content areas, educators must recognize that EL's are doing "double the work" of their English fluent peers; EL's must learn English and simultaneously learn academic content. In order to provide California's EL's equal educational opportunity, there is an urgent need to account for their unique educational needs and address these needs during the transition to the CCSS. Project CORE's specialized professional development goes beyond addressing the 12 major shifts of CCSS in the context of EL's to engaging educators in the ideological shifts necessary for providing EL's access to the rigor of CCSS.

1. Short, D.J., & Fitzsimmons, S. (2007). Double the Work: Challenges and Solutions to Acquiring Language and Academic Literacy for Adolescent English Language Learners-A Report to Carnegie Corporation of New York. Washington, D.C.: Alliance for Excellent Education.

This program is sponsored by the US Department of Education through the Office of English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement for Limited English Proficient Students


Criteria & Application Process

  • Apply to CSU Mentor as a Graduate Student seeking a Bilingual Credential at SDSU (Apply at
  • Apply to the SDSU College of Education, Bilingual Credential Program 
  • Once accepted to the Bilingual Credential Program, sign a letter of commitment to complete the CORE Credential program (letters circulated during Bilingual Credential Orientation) 
  • Complete additional paperwork as needed (e.g. media release, pre-program survey, informed consent, etc.) 
  • Attend all CORE professional development institutes, participate in discussions, engage in activities, and stay for the duration of the event (9AM to 4PM). 
  • Attend one or more related Conferences (program coordinators will provide information and registration). 
  • Complete all related surveys and paperwork. 
  • Complete coursework required by the Bilingual Authorization teaching credential program through the Department of Dual Language and English Learner Education.


Criteria for Program Completion/Institutes

Typically there are 3 institutes per semester. Participants must attend all institutes in order to receive stipend. Institutes are held from 9 am - 4 pm on Fridays either at the San Diego County Office of Education or another location in San Diego. Click here to see a list of institutes.

Additional Information & Questions

For more information about this specific program or to make an advising appointment email Melissa Navarro, at

Fall 2016 Application Period:


October 1, 2015 - March 1, 2016 

SDSU Program App  

October 1, 2015 - March 1, 2016 

Contact Us

Administrative Assistant: Carolyn Saldivar
Phone: 619-594-1836
Office: NE 83A
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