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Teaching Resources

CA 2012 ELD Standards:

    Appendix A - Foundational Literacy Skills for English Learners 
    Appendix B - California English Language Development Standards Part II- Learning About How English Works 
    Appendix C - Theoretical Foundations and Research Base for California's English Language Development Standards
    Appendix D - Context, Development, and Validation of the California English Language Development Standards 
    ELD Overview and Proficiency Level Descriptors 
    Grade 4 - Color 

California Department of Education Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Resources

edcite Website - Engage your students with Common Core practice


Research and In the News Resources

Dual Language Education of New Mexico’s Research and Development page:

Culture of Teaching - Why Do Americans Stink at Math?

In the Classroom with Roz Linder - Common Core 

Project CORE Presentations 

American Educational Research Association (AERA) Presentation

Website: 2014 Annual Meeting: "The Power of Education Research for Innovation in Practice and Policy" 

Presentation: "Transforming Education for English Learners through Common Core State Standards"AERA Project CORE PPT (PDF 933KB)

Presenter(s): Cristina Alfaro, Ph.D., Alexandra Hunt & Rhianna Casesa 

Date: April 3-7,2014

Other Material: Project CORE One Page Abstract (PDF 7.68MB)  

California State University, Northridge 


Presentation: Making the CCSS Accessible For ELLs Using the 2012 California ELD Standards 

Presenter(s): Cristina Alfaro, Ph.D., & Alexandra Hunt 

Date: March 21, 2014

Other Materials:

Teacher Conference on English Language Development and Common Core

March 16, 2013 
San Diego State University 
Dr. Cristina Alfaro 
Presentation Materials: 

Framing Literacy and Learning in the Common Core Era: Effective Classroom Interaction and School Organization for Preparing English Learners to be College and Career Ready 

Project CORE English Language Development Institute

The goal of the Project CORE ELD Institute is to provide teacher participants with a high level of knowledge of the theoretical foundations and structure of the California 2012 English Language Development Standards to maximize their effectiveness in teaching English Learners in a variety of program models and language learning contexts. Read more: Project CORE English Language Development Institute

Project Core Publications 


Cristina Alfaro
San Diego State University  

Title: Project CORE Common Core State Standards for English Language Learners: Retos y Oportunidades

Journal: The Multilingual Educator

Date: 2013 


Cristina Alfaro
San Diego State University


               Richard Durán
 University of California at Santa Barbara


 Alexandra Hunt
San Diego State University 


               María José Aragón
               University of California at Santa Barbara 


Title: Steps toward Unifying Dual Language Programs, Common Core State Standards,and Critical Pedagogy: Oportunidades, Estrategias y Retos 

Journal: Association of Mexican American Educators Journal 

Date: 2014 

Speaking in Tongues Film

"Speaking in Tongues follows four diverse kids on a journey to become bilingual. This charming story will challenge you to rethink the skills that Americans need to succeed in the 21st century." Learn more, visit

Frederick County Public Schools (2011).

Education that is multicultural and achievement (ETMA) and the Common Core Standards. Powerpoint from a staff training by Dr. Alban.  [this resource is not available at this time, please contacdt Project CORE]


The Secondary Literacy Partnership Webinar Series

(FREE webinar series on the Common Core)

Transitioning to the Common Core State Standards: Spotlight on Instruction, Assessment, and Equity. Members of the Secondary Literacy Partnership include the California Department of Education, the Association of California School Administrators, the California Teachers Association, and the California Comprehensive Center at WestEd.

2013-2014 Webinars 

Webinar #1: An Overview for 6th-12th Grade ELA and Content Area Teachers- September 12, 2013 
Webinar #2: What is Smarter Balanced? What Will Assessment Look Like? - October 10, 2013
Webinar #3: Creating Critical Thinkers in the Common Core Classroom - November 14, 2013
Webinar #4: Assessment Literacy - January 16, 2014
Webinar #5: Depth of Knowledge and Critical Thinking - February 13, 2014
Webinar #6: Achieving Equity and CCSS Implementation - March 13, 2014

2012-2013 Webinars
All archives can also be found in the Secondary Literacy Partnership Common Core Series online space in Brokers of Expertise at


Additional Resources

The Writing Center
A free service for SDSU students and faculty where you can receive feedback and guidance from an experienced writer.

Teaching Channel: (Videos) Collaborating to Plan Common Core Lessons for ELLs

California Department of Education Smarter Balanced Assessment System 
The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium is a multistate consortium working collaboratively to develop a student assessment system aligned with a common core of academic content standards for English language arts/literacy and mathematics.  

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Web site: 

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) Electronic Mailing List - subscribe to

Learn Alberta - Supporting English Language Learners

Benchmarks, strategies and resources for Teachers of English Language Learners, this website offers:

  • ESL Proficiency Benchmarks 
  • Student writing samples with benchmark analysis 
  • Student videos with teacher commentary on proficiency levels and benchmark analysis 
  • Access programming information on Organizing for Instruction 
  • Assessment tools and strategies for English language learners 
  • Research and resources on a variety of topics related to ESL 

Los Andes Educational Spanish Books - Common Core Collections Online Catalog

"Core and Recommended Literature with various genres bundled into appropriate grades and levels. Supplemental language arts titles compiled to strengthen understanding and readiness."

San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) Resources

Dual Language Directory for San Diego County 
2012 ELD Standards Proficiency Level Descriptors (PLDs) in Spanish - Translated by SDCOE Descriptores de los niveles de dominio para los estándares del Desarrollo del idioma inglés de California

CDE Releases CCSS Professional Learning Module in English Language Arts

This module is one in a series of modules and is a product of collaborative efforts between the California Department of Education and content and professional experts throughout California to help educators transition to the Common Core State Standards. The series includes at least 10 modules that will be completed by September 2013, and are available in both online and on-site professional learning formats. Modules can be accessed here:

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