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Credential Admissions

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These items need to be completed prior to admission to SDSU's Credential program.  Some items can be in progress when applying, but MUST be complete before admission.




    • ED 451: Introduction to Multicultural Education (3 units)
    • TE 280: Health Education for Teachers (1 unit)
    • Math 210: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers (3 units) (Multiple Subject only)
    • SPED 450: Classroom Adaptations for Special Populations (2 units)

 Group interviews will be held in Early March and April.

Please be aware that there are additional exit requirements required to earn your credential.  These must be completed by the time you finish the credential program.


Deadline Information

Fall 2017
Credential Programs
Both applications are required

CSU Mentor Application:
Opens October 1, 2016
Recommended Deadline:February 15, 2017 

We recommend that you complete this application by February 15th as you will need to be assigned an SDSU red ID to complete the Online Program application.  It can take up to a week to be assigned a red ID after submission of the CSU Mentor application.


Online Program Application:
Priority deadline: January 27, 2017
If you apply by this date you will know about your admission by March 30, 2017
Final deadline: March 1, 2017
If you apply by this date you will know about your admission by May 15, 2017  


 Walk in Advising
 Group Advising
 contact an advisor through email at