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Cohort: Three Semester Block - Single Subjects

Cohort Leader:
Mr. Eric Ginsberg (

Unique focus or emphasis
The Three Semester Block (3SB) program provides Teacher-Candidates a unique opportunity to earn a teaching credential in a more flexible and personalized atmosphere. The 3SB program is designed to be more accommodating of Teacher-Candidates' scheduling needs such as those involving employment or childcare. Teacher-Candidates are still expected to complete a rigorous course of study; however, this is to be completed over the course of three semesters, which allows Teacher-Candidates more time to maximize and balance their academic learning and personal needs. As such, Teacher-Candidates have more time to prepare for the EdTPA, which is a comprehensive teacher performance assessment. The 3SB program provides Teacher-Candidates with a robust field/practicum experience; as such, 3SB Teacher-Candidates will be well-prepared to meet the challenges and find the joys of teaching diverse student populations.

Description of Courses:
Courses are held on campus, at SDSU. Coursework is held in the late afternoons (4:00 - 6:40) and early evenings (7:00 - 9:40). See Program Overview for specific courses.

Description of Fieldwork:
In the first semester, Teacher-Candidates tutor English Language Learners for one period in a middle or high school classroom for five hours a week for twelve weeks. In the second semester, Teacher-Candidates student teach in a middle school setting for one period per day, plus one period of prep/observing/conferring. In the third semester, Teacher-Candidates student teach in a high school setting for two periods per day, plus one period of prep/observing/conferring. 

Locations of Student Teaching:
One of the unique features of the 3SB program is our flexibility in placing Teacher-Candidates at school sites in various San Diego County locations. 3SB Teacher-Candidates have been placed in San Diego Unified, Poway, Escondido, San Dieguito, El Cajon Valley, Santee, Del Mar, Sweetwater,  and several other school districts. The Cohort Leader works with the 3SB Teacher-Candidates to determine placements. 

"Completing the credential program in three semesters instead of two, this block provides a unique opportunity to earn a teaching credential using a more flexible and personalized approach. We have a long history of preparing highly qualified teaching professionals for our local, regional, and statewide secondary schools."