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Cohort: Linked Learning

Cohort Leader: Kris Rodenberg (

Unique focus or emphasis

Are you interested in working in select school settings where teamwork and real-world/workforce applications for learning in your content area are integral to the educational experience? Are you interested in student teaching in schools where teacher leadership is valued and modeled? Are you interested in working with teachers who value teamwork and collaboration and bring high school reform alive through interdisciplinary instruction and problem/project-based learning? This cohort will focus on innovative practices and schools in which rigorous academic work and career technical education come together to prepare all students for success in both college and career. Participants in this cohort will be prepared to teach in both traditional and linked learning schools and programs. Strong academic subject knowledge would be very beneficial. You can look forward to an exciting year collaborating with a team of other subject area teachers and learning from each other.

Location of courses


Locations of student teaching

High Tech High and Middle, San Diego, Kearny, Madison, Clairemont High and O'Farrell Middle

Days/times (approx. schedule) of courses

4:00 and 7:00 p.m. courses

Days/times (approx. schedule of student teaching)

student teaching three hours per day for the first semester, 5 hours per day second semester.

"Linked Learning embraces 21st century teaching and learning 
in collaboration with schools and industry/community partners
dedicated to preparing students for college, career, and citizenship."


Students and their Linked Learning experience. [1:23] 






"Connecting subject areas with the Linked Learning interdisciplinary approach made my learning easier and more relevant."

"The project based model gave me a real understanding of the subject material and allowed me to create a rich learning environment for my students. This model makes learning come to life!"


"The group based projects facilitated my own interpersonal skills and allowed me to continually learn from my partners in a way that working on my own would not have."