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Current Student Information


Welcome to the program!

The Office for Student Success is open from 9:00 am - 4:30 pm M-F.

The following is a list of services they provide:


  • We are "home base" for the Student California Teachers Association (SCTA) and College of Education Student Council (COESC).
  • We have computers, printer, copier, and office supplies should they need any last minute services prior to class.
  • We have a TV going if all they need is a few minutes to sit and unwind before class.
  • For credential-specific questions (ie. added authorizations) please contact your Credential Analyst. Please refer to for the appropriate contact.

New Fee effective Fall 2015

Beginning with Fall 2015 admission students will be required to pay a $300 fee for the edTPA.


Student Handbook and Forms

It is very important that you keep the university informed of any name, address or email address changes. If you have a change, please update your webportal account.

Download the Credential Program Handbook for your use during the program. You are responsible for the information in this document. In addition, it contains valuable information that you will need to be successful in the program.


You are about to become a professional educator. Your credential from San Diego State University is highly valued by districts throughout the state and beyond. For more information regarding job opportunties please visit the sites below: