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Cristian Aquino-Sterling, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Office:         North Education 95
Phone:        619-594-6675

Professional Biography

Cristian R. Aquino-Sterling holds a BA in Philosophy (Fordham University); a MA in Hispanic Cultural Studies and Literatures (Columbia University), and an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction (Arizona State University). He has taught at various public and private schools in New York City, at Fordham University (his Alma Mater), and at the Lauder Institute of Management and International Studies (University of Pennsylvania). Dr. Aquino-Sterling is currently pursuing two lines of research. The first examines 21st century innovations in (bilingual) teacher education theory, curriculum and pedagogies devised for preparing P-12 teachers capable of meeting the educational needs of minoritized linguistically diverse students attending mainstream or bilingual/dual language school contexts. The second employs contemporary social theory and discourse analytic methods to understand the logics of “ideology critique” in advocacy and critical discourses of education emerging as resistance to neoliberal, hyper-capitalist, and post-truth dynamics. This latter line of research is informed by his dissertation study, Systemic Anomies-Discursive Panaceas: A Critical Analysis of Critiques of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, written with the guidance of Prof. Donald Blumenfeld-Jones at Arizona State University.

Dr. Aquino-Sterling is the recipient of the 2016 Early Career Reviewer Award of the Bilingual Research Journal (National Association of Bilingual Education). Currently, he is co-editing a volume (with Belinda Bustos Flores of the University of Texas at San Antonio) titled, Bilingual Spanish-English Teacher Education: Reimagining Critical and Transformative Designs (Peter Lang). His works have been published in Abriendo brecha: antología crítica sobre la educación bilingüe de doble inmersión (edited by Michael Guerrero et al.), Bilingual Research Journal; Boletín de la Federación Internacional Fe y Alegría; International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism; International Journal of Language and Linguistics; International Multilingual Research Journal; Multicultural Perspectives; Reading in a Foreign Language; Revista Comunicación; Revista Internacional de Educación para la Justicia Social; Teachers College Record, and Voices from the Middle. Dr. Aquino-Sterling has served as Research Fellow in the Advanced Research Collaborative (ARC) of the Graduate Center, City University of New York. During the academic year 2018-2019, he will serve as Visiting Professor in the MIRCo research group at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Río de Janeiro.



Peer-Reviewed Articles

Aquino-Sterling, C., Rodríguez -Valls, F., & Zahner, W. (2016). Fostering a culture of discourse in secondary mathematics classrooms: Equity approaches in teaching and teacher education for emergent bilingual students. Revista Internacional de Educación para la Justicia Social, 5(2), 87-107.

Aquino-Sterling, C., & Rodríguez-Valls, F. (2016). Developing ‘teaching-specific’ Spanish competencies in bilingual teacher education: Towards a culturally, linguistically, and professionally relevant framework. Multicultural Perspectives, 18(2), 73-81.

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Aquino-Sterling, C. (2015). Metalinguistic knowledge at play: Using Common Core en Español to develop teaching-specific Spanish competencies in bilingual teacher education in the U.S.A. Revista Comunicación, 24(2), 47-57.

Aquino-Sterling, C., Garrity, S. & Day, A. (2015). “We are heritage speakers and we are all diverse”: Language mediating teachers’ identities in a multilingual infant classroom. International Journal of Language and Linguistics, 2(1), 1-14.

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Rodríguez-Valls, F., & Aquino-Sterling, C. (2016). Maestros de secundaria y preparatoria, maestros de lenguaje: la importancia de propiciar el aprendizaje de la lengua mediante la enseñanza de contenidos curriculares. Journal of Bilingual Education Research & Instruction, 18(1), 106-120. 

Garrity, S., & Aquino-Sterling, C., Van Liew, C., & Day, A. (2016). Beliefs about bilingualism, bilingual education, and dual language development of ECE preservice teachers raised in a Prop 227 environment. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism. DOI=10.1080/19313152.2015.1048542.

Garrity, S., Aquino-Sterling, C., & Day, A. (2015).  Translanguaging in an infant classroom: Using multiple languages to make meaning. International Multilingual Research Journal, 9(3), 177-196.


Book Chapters

Aquino-Sterling, C., Rodríguez-Valls, F., & Outes, R. (2017). La educación bilingüe en Estados Unidos de Norteamérica: continuidades y discontinuidades históricas y actuales. In M. Guerrero, M. C. Guerrero, L. Soltero-González, & K. Escamilla (Eds.), Abriendo brecha: antología crítica sobre la educación de doble inmersión. Dual Language Education of New México. Albuquerque, NM: Fuente Press.

Swadener, B. B., Aquino-Sterling, C., Nakagawa, M., & Bartlett, M. (2009). Anti-oppressive pedagogy in early childhood teacher education: A conversation. In S. L. Groenke & J. A. Hatch (Eds.), Critical pedagogy and teacher education in the neoliberal era: Small openings (pp. 99-112). London: Springer.


Other Works

Aquino-Sterling, C., & Gallagher-Geurtsen, T. (2016). Review of Self Regulation and the Common Core: Applications to ELA Standards, by M.C. White & M.K. DiBenedetto. Teachers College Record, ID Number: 21761.

Aquino-Sterling, C. (2016). Notes towards a clarifying response to Gagnon. New York: Advanced Research Collaborative, The Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY).

Aquino-Sterling, C. (2015). Approaches to academic and professional Spanish language development with pre-service teachers in bilingual/dual-language teacher preparation programs in California. Newsletter of the California Council on Teacher Education, 26(3), 23-24.

Aquino-Sterling, C. (2006). Critical perspectives on the sociocultural and sociopolitical context of education in the United States. In L. Diaz Soto (Ed.), The Praeger Handbook of Latinos and Education in the U.S. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.

Aquino-Sterling, C. (2006). Review of Henry Giroux, La inocencia robada: Juventud, multinacionales, y política cultural. Madrid: Ediciones Morata, 2003. Reseñas Educativas.

Aquino-Sterling, C. (2004). Review of Katheleen Talvacchia, Critical minds, discerning hearts: A spirituality of multicultural teaching. St. Louis, Missouri: Chalice Press, 2003. Education Reviews.

Kumashiro, K., Agarwal-Rangnath, R., Aquino-Sterling, C., Ayers, R., Berlak, A., Cadiero Kaplan, K., Epstein, K., Henning, N., Katz, S., Koirala-Azad, S., Marachi, R., Nunez, I., Schultz, K., Sleeter, C., & Zavala, M. (Contributors, 2016). Common Core State Standards assessments in California: Concerns and recommendations.

Brantmeier, C., Dolosic, H., Schultz, L., Aquino-Sterling, C., Van Bishop, T. (Eds). (2015, October). Readings on L2 reading: Publications in other venues 2014–2015. Reading in a Foreign Language.

Brantmeier, C., Schultz, L., Aquino-Sterling, C., & Van Bishop, T. (Eds). (2014, October). Readings on L2 reading: Publications in other venues 2013–2014. Reading in a Foreign Language, 26(2): 86-98.


Courses Taught

    • Applied Linguistics for Teachers of ESOL
    • Biliteracy Foundations of Teaching and Learning (in Spanish).
    • Discourse, Ideology, and Cross Cultural Communication in 
    •   Schools and Societies (Doctoral Seminar).
    • Educational Psychology for the Bilingual Classroom (K-8).
    • Ethnically Diverse Learners: Public Policy and Classroom 
    •   Practice. (Doctoral Seminar).
    • Multicultural Education.
    • Language Assessment and Evaluation (MA).
    • Language Development in K-12 Classrooms.
    • Language Variation in Schools and Societies.
    • Pre-Immersion Pilot Program on “Dominican Culture, Language, and Society” - Major League Baseball and Service Learning Program in the Dominican Republic (CIBER & Sports MBA Program).
    • Research-Based Pedagogy for Diverse Learners (MA)
    • Spanish (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Superior Levels)
    • Teaching Disciplinary Literacies in Secondary Schools.
    • Theory and Practice of Multilingual Education.