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Nadine S. Bezuk,  Director and Qualcomm Endowed Professor of Mathematics Education
Office:  EBA 255
Phone:  619-594-1370 and

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Education (degrees earned)

Ph.D., Mathematics Education, University of Minnesota
M.A., Mathematics Education, University of Minnesota
B.S., Child Development and Early Childhood Education, University of Pittsburgh

Professional leadership activities and honors

Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE): Executive Director, September 2001 – 2014, NCTM Representative, April 1999 – September 2001; Immediate Past President, January 1999 – February 2000; President, April 1997 – January 1999; President-elect, April 1996 - April 1997; Treasurer, April 1994 - April 1996; AMTE renamed one of its awards as the Nadine Bezuk Leadership and Service Award in January, 2011.

Co-founder, California Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, November 2004; Immediate Past President, 2008 – 09; President, 2006 – 08; President-elect, 2004 – 06, Member, Advisory Board, 2010 - present.

Outstanding Classroom Mathematics Teacher at the Post-secondary level, Greater San Diego Mathematics Council, 1995.

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing:  Member, Mathematics Content Advisory Committee, December 2010 – present; Member, Teaching Mathematics Advisory Panel, March 2009 – September 2010.

Member, Nominations Committee, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2007 – 10.
Member, CSU Early Assessment Program Professional Development Committee for Mathematics, 2004 – 2009.

 Selected Grants History

Funding from Qualcomm Incorporated for “Improving Student Achievement in Mathematics (ISAM)”, 2000 – 2010, $8,600,000.

Grant from the National Science Foundation, Robert Noyce Scholarship Program for "Springboard to Success" (Kathleen Fisher and Cheryl Mason, co-directors), September 2004 - August 2008, $494,000.

Funding from University of California Office of the President for “San Diego Mathematics Professional Development Institute” (Rafaela Santa Cruz and Nicholas Branca, co-directors), 2001 –2004, $420,000.

Funding from the California Department of Education for “San Diego Comprehensive Teacher Education Institute” (Mariam True, co-director), 1995 –1999, $240,000.

 Grant from the National Science Foundation Division of Teacher Preparation and Enhancement for "San Diego Mathematics Enhancement Project" (Larry Sowder, co-director), 1991 - 1996, $1,100,000.

 Selected publications

Cathcart, W. G., Pothier, Y. M., Vance, J. H., & Bezuk, N. S. (2014).  Learning mathematics in elementary and middle school:  A learner-centered approach (6th ed.). Boston:  Pearson.
Bowers, J., Bezuk, N., Aguilar, K., & Klass, S. (2011).  Designing applets that instantiate effective mathematics pedagogy. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 19 (1), 45 - 72.

 Bowers, J., Bezuk, N., & Aguilar, K. (2011).  Adapting the mathematical task framework to design online didactic objects. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 42 (4), 481 - 495.

 Cathcart, W. G., Pothier, Y. M., Vance, J. H., & Bezuk, N. S. (2011).  Learning mathematics in elementary and middle school:  A learner-centered approach (5th ed.). Boston:  Pearson.

 Blais, T. V., Moore, S., Bezuk, N.S., & Gawronski, J. D. (2009).  Collaborative cycle:  A mentoring tool for changing practice.  In Zimmerman, G., Guinee, P., Fulmore, L. M., & Murray, E. (Eds.), Empowering the Mentor of the Experienced Mathematics Teacher.  Reston, VA:  National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 29 – 30.

Bezuk, N. S. (2006).  Using children’s thinking in an elementary mathematics methods course:  Issues related to teaching.  In Proceedings of the 2006 Hawaii International Conference on Education.  Honolulu, HI, 343 – 346.

Bezuk, N. S., & Gawronski, J. D. (2003). Increasing content and pedagogical knowledge of practicing elementary teachers.  In S. Dawson (Ed.), Proceedings of the Twenty-seventh Annual Meeting of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME-NA).  Honolulu, HI:  PME, 1, 206.

 Armstrong, B. E. & Bezuk, N. S. (1995).  Multiplication and division of fractions:  The search for meaning.  In J. T. Sowder & B. P. Schappelle (Eds.), Providing a foundation for teaching mathematics in the middle grades (pp. 85 – 119).  Albany, NY:  SUNY Press.

Bezuk, N. S., Bohan, H., Clark, G., Kelleher, H., Shaw, J., & Thompson, C. (1995)  Houghton Mifflin mathematics, grades K - 6.  Contributing Author, Math to Go (parent involvement) component.  Boston:  Houghton Mifflin.

Bezuk, N. S., Holmes, F. A., & Sowder, L. K. (1994).  Teachers and students learning together via after-school mathematics enrichment laboratories.  In D. Aichele (Ed.), Professional development of teachers of mathematics (NCTM's 1994 yearbook), 200 - 203.  Reston, VA:  National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. 

Curcio, F. & Bezuk, N. S. (1994).  Understanding rational numbers and proportions.  F. Curcio (series Ed.), NCTM Curriculum and Evaluation Standards Addenda Project--Middle school volume.  Reston, VA:  National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Bezuk, N. S. & Armstrong, B. E. (1993, January).  Understanding division of fractions.  Mathematics Teacher, 86 (1), 43 - 46, 56 - 60.

Bezuk, N. S. & Bieck, M. (1993).  Current research on rational numbers and common fractions:  Summary and implications for teachers.  In D. T. Owens (Ed.), Research ideas for the classroom--Middle grades mathematics (chapter 7, pp. 118 - 136).  New York:  Macmillan. 

Sowder, J. T., Bezuk, N. S., & Sowder, L. (1993).  Using principles from cognitive psychology to guide rational number instruction for prospective teachers.  In T. P. Carpenter, E. Fennema, & T. A. Romberg (Eds.), Rational numbers:  An integration of research (pp. 239 – 259).  Hillsdale, NJ:  Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Bezuk, N. S., & Cramer, K. (1989).  Teaching about fractions:  What, when, and how?  In P. Trafton (Ed.):  New directions for elementary school mathematics, NCTM's 1989 yearbook, 156-167.  Reston, VA:  National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

 Courses Taught

TE 910A:  Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School
TE 610A:  Seminar Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School