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Multiple Subject Credential Program

 Students in the Multiple Subjects Preliminary Credential Program complete the following courses. Prerequisite courses must be complete prior to beginning the program. Often students take these as part of their undergraduate program and/or during the summer prior to the start of the Credential Program. 

Prerequisite Courses

 Course #
 Course Title
 ED 451
 Introduction to Multicultural Education 3
 TE 280
 Health Education for Teachers
 Math 210
 Structure and Concepts of Elementary Mathematics
SPED 450
 Classroom Adaptations for Special Populations
 Total  9

Required Courses

 Course #
 Course Title
 TE 923
 Psychological Foundations of Education
 TE 902
 Classroom Management Skills
 1 or 2
 TE 910A
 Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School
 TE 910B
 Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School  3
 TE 910C
 Teaching Science in the Elementary School  3
 TE 930
 Teaching Reading and Language Arts in the Elementary School  6
 TE 960
 Basic Student Teaching Seminar
 TE 961
 Advanced Student Teaching Seminar  2
 TE 965
 Basic Student Teaching in Elementary Schools
 TE 966
 Advanced Student Teaching in Elementary Schools
 ED 970  Teaching Event Assessment
 DLE 915A Teaching in the Content Areas: ELD/SDAIE  3


 Additional Exit Requirements for the MS Preliminary Credential

(These must be completed at the end of the program to earn your credential)

1.    Completion of a Bachelor's Degree
2.    Fulfillment of the U.S. Constitution Requirements
3.    Certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): adult, child, infant
4.    Passing score on the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA)
5.    Pass edTPA(Teaching Performance Assessment) Teaching Event






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Multiple Subject Blocks

Most blocks (cohorts) are based at local elementary schools where we have established partnerships with schools and teachers. In these blocks, student teachers take their university coursework on-site at the elementary school and student teach at that school or in neighboring schools. Each student completes student teaching in two different grade levels; one assignment is at the primary level (grades K-3) and another is at the intermediate level (grades 4-6).

 Current blocks:

 • Chula Vista 

 • San Diego Unified School District Partnership

 • Three Semester (3SB) 

 • La Mesa/Spring Valley