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Single Subject PE Curriculum

Students in the Single Subject Physical Education Preliminary Credential Program complete the following courses. Prerequisite courses must be complete prior to beginning the program. Often students take these as part of their undergraduate program and/or during the summer prior to the start of the Credential Program.  

Prerequisite Courses

 Course #
 Course Title
 ED 451
 Introduction to Multicultural Education 3
 TE 280
 Health Education for Teachers
 SPED 450
 Classroom Adaptations for Special Populations
 Total  6

Request for Adjustment of Credential Requirements

Required Courses

 Course # Course Title
 TE 922
Behavioral and Psychological Aspects of Teaching  3
 TE 903
 Secondary School Student Teaching Seminar 2
 TE 933
 Teaching Reading in the Secondary Schools  3
 TE 954
 Humanistic and Social Aspects of Teaching  3
 TE 963
 Secondary School Student Teaching I
 TE 964
 Secondary School Student Teaching II 12
 ED 970  Teaching Event Assessment
 DLE 915B Teaching in the Content Areas: ELD/SDAIE  3


 Additional Exit Requirements for the SS Preliminary Credential

(These must be completed at the end of the program to earn your credential)

1.    Completion of a Bachelor's Degree
2.    Fulfillment of the U.S. Constitution Requirements
3.    Certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): adult, child, infant
4.    Pass edTPA(Teaching Performance Assessment) Teaching Event





Our Credential programs feature a field-based cohort model of preparation. Students are grouped into cohorts (blocks) of 25-30 for the majority of their courses. In order to unify the research and theory of the San Diego State University faculty with the best practices of local schools, the blocks are organized around our many San Diego area public school partnerships. Courses in the blocks are often taught at public school sites. Student teaching occurs simultaneous to university instruction, bringing together the very best educational ideas of the University and public school practitioners.