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Teacher Credential Programs

California Preliminary Teacher Credential

Students who are considering this credential can attend informational group advising sessions offered by the Office of Student Services (OSS). Sessions will include general information regarding the requirements for applying to our Preliminary credential programs in a presentation format.

Multiple Subject

The Multiple Subject Teaching Credential authorizes the holder to teach all subjects in a self-contained classroom, such as the classrooms in most elementary schools, in grades preschool, K–12, or in classes organized primarily for adults. 

Single Subject 

The Single Subject Teaching Credential authorizes the holder to teach the specific subject(s) named on the credential in departmentalized classes, such as those in most middle schools and high schools, in grades preschool, K–12, or in classes organized primarily for adults.

What Makes SDSU Unique? 

Annually, US News and World Report ranks the education programs at San Diego State University among the best in California and the very best of the 23 California State University campuses.

Here are six reasons why:

1. Strong partnerships with local public schools

San Diego State University has long been the primary provider of new teachers to San Diego area school districts. We work closely with these districts to "grow" excellent new teachers for the region. Our public school partners understand and embrace the challenge of developing the next generation of teachers.

2. Our Famous “Block Model”

Each Block cohort is guided closely by one or two faculty members  ("team leaders"). The cohort and the team leaders provide a natural system of social and emotional support for each student. Cohort members share what they learn with one another, creating an additional layer of learning opportunities and professional growth.

3. Crucial multicultural teaching focus

Our teacher education reflects the dynamic San Diego region where people of many cultures, nationalities, and languages share communities and schools. Students learn how to appreciate cultural diversity while supporting student academic learning. Courses and field experiences in the public schools focus on the strengths and attributes of diverse communities, families, and individuals.

4. Powerful Research-Practice Connection

Our teacher education program brings together best practices from the public schools with the most important knowledge developed by educational researchers and theorists. Our students learn from both researchers and practitioners, from our internationally-renowned education faculty and the top teachers in local schools.

5. Two-Semester and Three-Semester Program Options

You can complete the credential program in either two semesters or three semesters. The three semester option is designed to serve students who need to work part-time or have substantial family obligations.

6. Affordable Tuition

The tuition for California residents is much lower than the pricetag for private universities. For current SDSU tuition. go to the SDSU Tuition and fees page.

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