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Teaching Events and CATs will be submitted via TaskStream for all students beginning in Spring 2010. For help creating an account and submitting work on TaskStream, please see the documents below. The best format for the video is Quicktime (.mov) or Movie Maker (.wmv). This will allow scorers to view the video from either a PC or a Mac. Written documnets should be saved as either PDFs or Word (.doc) documents to ensure that scorers can easily access the documents.

 Time Saving Technical Tip: Instead of working on Task 1 in Word then cutting & pasting each answer into the TaskStream form, it is a easier to enter your answers for the PACT Context for Learning form directly on TaskStream (within the drf for your PACT subject area), then copy it all into a Word file for a backup. If you do this, you only have to cut & paste once at the end (to make a copy for yourself) rather than having to cut & paste each answer into the form. Be sure to save as you go along, however.

Link to TaskStream


Note: documents in Word format (DOC or DOCX) require Microsoft Viewer, download Word.