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San Diego State University


Aim for law

A.I.M. for Law is a program of the Consensus Organizing Center at San Diego State University presented in conjunction with the California Western School of Law. Its mission is to promote diversity in the legal profession by preparing inner-city SDSU students for the law school application process and the rigors of law school.

A.I.M. for Law’s mission is to prepare SDSU sophomores for the law school application process and the first year of law school.

As part of the program, real attorneys will teach you:

  • How to study for the LSAT
  • How to get into the best law schools
  • How to pay for law school, and
  • How to be prepared for the first year of law school

The program is FREE, but only 10 students will be selected to participate each semester. If you are interested, contact Drew Lautemann, Esq. 619-204-4678 at for more information.