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Micro- & Nano-fabrication

UV and Extreme UV Lithography; Hierarchical Manufacturing; Powder-Based Approaches

Our new extended class 100 cleanroom facility (1600 sq. ft.) is equipped for most lithography processes including metal depositions (RF sputtering), plasma etching, as well as characterizations including 0.25 micron resolution deep UV lithography capability with Micrascan III step and scan litho system. Our capabilities were recently further enhanced by acquisition of additional space as well as equipment. In the new facility, a brand new equipment for organic solar processing, packaging and testing have been added.

We also have new patented and licensed technologies in the area of Current Activated Tip-Based sintering (CATS) and textured foil electrodes for micro- and nano-scale featured fabrication.

We wish to expand our micromachining capability to 100nm and below to address the increasing need for extra low-power and multi-functional MEMS. This is in line with the directions of current trends in miniaturization targeting 22nm and below sizes. This will be achieved through installing e-beam and nano-lithography equipment through a combination of university-resources and sponsored research.
In the long term, we plan on establishing powder-based technologies as highly competitive micro- and nano-fabrication processes to secure a larger share of the manufacturing market based on scientific insight.

Smart Health Institute

SDSU awarded $10M NIH grant

ME Professor, Dr. Kee Moon is one of the PIs on a $10M NIH award entitled "Building Capacity and Infrastructue for Population Health and Health Disparities Research at San Diego State University".

1000 publications

1000+ Scientific Publications by SDSU Professor

Congratulations to Dr. Randall German, ME Professor, for exceeding the milestone of 1,000 scientific publications in powder-based materials and sintering, including 16 books. He is currently the most cited author in his field.


Modeling Sintering Anisotropy

Dr. Eugene Olevsky has received a $630k NSF award to conduct a multi-scale fundamental investigation of sintering anisotropy.

This conceptual schematic shows a small particle solar receiver.

Concentrating Solar Power SunShot Research Award

Dr. Fletcher Miller is the PI on a $3.8M DoE grant for developing a Small-Particle Solar Receiver for High-Temperature Brayton Power Cycles.

Brain Picture

$18M NSF Engineering Research Center

PDF file: download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Dr. Kee Moon leads SDSU's efforts in the NSF Engineering Research Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering. Partner Universities include UW and MIT.

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Department of Mechanical Engineering Job Opportunities


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