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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

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- Dr. Khaled Morsi will become the Interim Chair of Mechanical Engineering effective January 1, 2014. Dr. Morteza Mehrabadi, Chair of Mechanical Engineering since June 30, 2007, will become the Dean of Engineering on January 1.



- Davide Ziviani, a student from Italy visiting  Dr. Asfaw Beyene's Energy Laboratory, Dr. Mauro Venturini, and  Dr. Asfaw Beyene  received the ASME Advanced Energy Systems Division 2012 Best Paper Award for the paper:  "Development and Validation of an Advanced Simulation Model for ORC-Based Systems" presented at the ASME 2013 IMECE, held at San Diego, CA on November 15-21, 2013.



- Dr. Thomas J. Impelluso has resigned his position as Professor of Mechanical Engineering and will be an Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering effective Spring 2014.



- Dr. Khaled Morsi received the 2013-14 SDSU Alumni Association Outstanding Professor (Monty) Award. The award will be presented at the All-University Convocation on August 22, 2013.



- Pablo Fernandez del Campo, an exchange student from Spain visiting  Dr. Fletcher Miller's Solar Energy Laboratory, received the Dean's award for his presentation on modeling of a small particle solar receiver in the 2013 Student Research Symposium, held at SDSU on March 8-9, 2013.



- Professor Thomas Johnston received the SDSU Division of Student Affair's Favorite Faculty Award on April 29.



- Dr. Samuel Kassegne delivered the Keynote Presentation, "Establishing electrical characteristics of DNA molecular wires in carbon-based bionanoelectronics platform" at the SPIE Smart Structures/NDE 2013 conference held in San Diego, CA. 


- Dr. Kee S. Moon served as a judge in the IEEE/ROBOLINK Robotics Fair and Competition, held at the University of California San Diego, San Diego on February 9, 2013.



- Dr. Eugene Olevsky has received a National Science Foundation award for $630K to conduct a Multi-scale Fundamental Investigation of Sintering Anisotropy.



- MacPhee D, Beyene A, Recent Advanced in Rotor Design of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines, accepted.

- Krawczyk P., Beyene A., MacPhee D.,Two-Dimensional Fluid Structure Interaction of a Morphed Wind Turbine Blade, accepted

- Beyene A., Zevenhoven R. Thermodynamics of Climate Change, accepted

- Garoma T.,  Khaled B. M., and Beyene A., Comparative Resource Analyses for Ethanol Produced from Corn and Sugarcane in Different Climatic Zones, Journal of Energy Research, accepted

 - MacPhee D., Beyene A., Fluid-Structure of a Morphing Symmetrical Wind Turbine Blade Subjected to Variable Load, International Journal of Energy Research, accepted.

- Ravi Kumar Enneti, A. Lusin, S. Kumar, R. M. German, and Sundar V. Atre, “Effects of Lubricant on Green Strength, Compressibility, and Ejection of Parts in Die Compaction Process,” Powder Technology, 2013, vol. 233, pp. 22-29.

- Seong Jin Park, John L. Johnson, Yunxin Wu, Young-Sam Kwon, Seong Lee, and R. M. German, “Analysis of the Effect of Solubility on the Densification Behavior of Tungsten Heavy Alloys Using the Master Sintering Curve Approach,” International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, 2013, vol. 37, pp. 52-59.

- R. M. German, “Powder Injection Moulding: Statistic Trends and Forward Forecasts for the Industry,” Powder Injection Moulding International, 2013, vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 45-51.

- Animesh Bose and R. M. German, “Development and Trends in North American PIM,” Proceedings PIM 2012 Yokohama Powder Metallurgy World Congress, Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy, Kyoto, Japan, 2013, paper 18A-SIS1-1, on DVD.

- R. M. German and J. Viplava Kumar, “Relations between Density, Surface Area, and Grain Size during Sintering,” Proceedings PIM 2012 Yokohama Powder Metallurgy World Congress, Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy, Kyoto, Japan, 2013, paper 16D-T3-5, on DVD.

- Tirmunai S. Shivanhankar, Ravi K. Enneti, Seong Jin Park, R. M. German, and Sundar V. Atre, “The Effects of Material Attributes on Powder-Binder Separation Phenomena in Powder Injection Molding,” Powder Technology, 2013, vol. , pp. in press.

- R. M. German, “History of Sintering: Empirical Phase,” Powder Metallurgy, 2013, vol. 56, pp. 117-123.

- A El-Desouky, S.K. KassegneK.S. Moon, J McKittrick, K. Morsi, "Rapid Processing & Characterization of Micro-Scale Functionally Graded Porous Materials", Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 213 ( 8 ) pp. 1251 - 1257, 2013.

- A. El-Desouky, S.K. KassegneK.MoonK.Morsi, Green Compact Temperature Evolution during Current-Activated Tip-based Sintering (CATS), Metals 3(2), 178-187; doi:10.3390/met3020178. (2013).

- A. Numula, A.El-Desouky, K.S.MoonS.K. KassegneK.Morsi ” Reactive Current Activated Tip-based Sintering of Ni-Al Intermetallics”, ASM Journal Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis (in press), 2013.

- E. A. Olevsky and R. M. German, “Multi-Scale Modeling Of Liquid Phase Sintering Affected By Gravity: Preliminary Analysis,” Materials Research in Microgravity, Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama, 2012, pp. 113-119.

- Timothy H. Young, Wei Li, Eugene Olevsky, Donald Whychell, and R. M. German, “Densification and Distortion of Tungsten Alloys using Copper-Nickel-Manganese,” Proceedings PIM 2012 Yokohama Powder Metallurgy World Congress, Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy, Kyoto, Japan, 2013, paper 16D-T3-7, on DVD.

- Jose A. Alvarado-Contreras, Eugene A. Olevsky, and R. M. German, “Modeling of Gravity Induced Shape Distortions during Sintering of Cylindrical Specimens,” Mechanics Research Communications, 2013, vol. 50, pp. 8-11.


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