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San Diego State University

Office of International Programs

Recent SDSU Fulbright Recipients

All SDSU Fulbright recipients from 2005-2020



Lorelay Mendoza (Engineering, B.S.) will engage in research which uses quantitative microbial risk assessment of sustainable wastewater treatment technologies in Brazil to quantify exposure of river water to wastewater upstream.


Mathew Schwimmer (Business, MBA) will serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Azerbajan.



Kelly Ferguson (American Literature, B.A.) During her tenure as English Teaching Assistant in Romania, Kelly will create a book and language club where students and community members will share American and Romanian works and discuss them in conversational English.


Mustafa Alemi (Political Science, B.A.) will serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Malaysia in order to increase his host community’s knowledge of the United States and American culture. He plans to go on to Masters in Public Policy program and hopes to work in the field of education policy.


Kellie Quinn (M.A., Public Administration) will serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Morocco. She plans to create a supplementary club where students will explore the diversity of the United States through food, exploring different regions of the U.S. in regional cuisines.

Sudha Royappa 
(M.D., M.P.H. Public Health) will study obesity prevention in Tamilnadu, which has one of the highest prevalence of obesity in India.  She will interview physicians, nutritionists, dietitians, and community members to better understand attitudes toward obesity. 


Sahil Mehta (M.A., teaching credential) will serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Brazil, where she will comparatively analyze teaching practices and curricula to identify the interventions are necessary to provide higher education to historically marginalized students.



Daniel Gerardi (English honors, B.A.) will serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Indonesia. He plans to establish a writing and conversation club for students to discuss culture and learn new vocabulary. 

Zachariah Martinez (Biology, B.A.) will serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Bulgaria and create a health and wellness program for his students.

Bogdan Matuszynski (International Security and Conflict Resolution/Latin American Studies, B.A.) will serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Spain, where he plans to create a virtual dialogue forum to connect with peers and mentors from other parts of the world.

Raheal Mengisteab (Communications, B.A., Teaching Credential/special education) will serve as an English Teaching Assistant in the Czech Republic. She also plans to host monthly workshops to discuss race, class and gender issues in the United States.

Monica Murtaugh  (Women’s Studies, M.A.) will serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Turkey and create a digital literacy workshop. She will also work with university students committed to community service and nonprofit agencies. 

Jacqueline Ramos (Political Science, B.A.) will document the correlation between women migrants and sex trafficking in Mexico City with the support of Instituto para las Mujeres en La Migración A.C. while pursuing a master’s degree in social work. 

Marna Shorack (International Security and Conflict Resolution, B.A.) will conduct research on the challenges faced by deported Honduran youth and the support provided to them by governmental and non-governmental organizations. Based in Tegucigalpa, she will participate in community activities and work with at-risk youth.

Madison Sindorf (Linguistics, Arabic and Islamic Studies, Spanish, B.A.) will serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Jordan. As a climbing instructor and trip leader, she will establish an outdoor education program providing a relaxed environment for students to use English outside of the classroom.

Emmeline Wilson (Linguistics, German Anthropology, B.A.) will serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Germany, developing an after-school program focused on cultural exchange.


Benjamin Aceves (Public Health and Latin American Studies, M.A.) research will focus on a program evaluation of the Mexican National Guidelines for Action in Schools.   This policy seeks to reduce childhood obesity by promoting healthy lifestyles. In partnership with the National Institute of Public Health in Mexico, he will conduct the qualitative analysis of multiple focus groups and interviews of various stakeholders at schools in Mexico City to identify barriers and enablers to policy implementation.


Sarah Alvy (Business Administration, M.B.A) will explore the corporate governance reforms implemented by India’s recently enacted Companies Act of 2013. She will perform qualitative and quantitative research to analyze the effectiveness of major reform provisions related to board composition & corporate social responsibility. Her work will be supported by the Centre for Corporate Governance at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, where she will serve as a research fellow.


Keanna Cash (Japanese and Linguistics, B.A.) will serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Turkey.  As part of her civic engagement she will make a guidebook for US universities' study abroad offices.  To create this book she will work with members of the local community to learn about topics like, but not limited to: Turkish food and home recipes, music, art, education and language. While learning how to make a certain dish or stringing together a particular sentence, she will capture these moments using her DSLR skills.


Jannet Cueva (Spanish, M.A.) will serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Spain.  She will use her previous teaching experience as a foreign language teacher in her position as ETA.  Her plans for civic engagement outside the classroom include organizing an after school creative writing workshop in which students will employ what is learned in the classroom through writing a variety of topics of their choice. 


Elaine Flores (English Single Subject Teaching and Spanish, B.A.) will serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Thailand. Her goal is to teach English to students in Thailand with the help of her poetry background and experience with diverse cultures.  She will promote cultural awareness by leading a poetry program that includes activities such as sensory writing outside of the classroom.  


Dillon Scalzo (Creative Writing Poetry, M.F.A) will serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Uruguay.   For his civic engagement project he will introduce students to class focusing on the folk music traditions of the United States via the craftsmanship of the lyrical activists Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, and Bob Dylan.  He will work with local poets and songwriters to visit the workshops for the students on poetry and song writing.


Katie Sievers (Ecology, M.S.) will work in the Philippines to increase our understanding of how habitat influences fish distribution and whether marine protected areas are conserving heavily fished species effectively. Her research will contribute to creating sustainable management practices in an area where the majority of the population relies on coastal resources. 


Katherine Vilchez (Education: Counseling, M.A.) will serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Brazil. She wants to empower Brazilian university students as English language learners. She plans to promote a cultural group that promotes U.S. culture by studying topics, like race, gender, and dance. We would use U.S. current events and discuss them with English as a Second Language students here in the U.S via Skype sessions.  

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SDSU Fulbright Advisers

Nancy Marlin Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology
Provost Emerita  


Edith Benkov Ph.D.

Professor of European Studies  

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