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San Diego State University

Office of International Programs

International Travel

IP Development (travel) Grant recipients should use the forms found on the procedures for grant recipients page.


All faculty and staff employed by the University, must complete T2 and FTIP when traveling abroad on University and or Foundation business even if reimbursement for travel related expenses will not be requested. Completion of these forms ensures that the traveler is covered under SDSU’s liability policy and provides him or her with free health and travel insurance. 


Please read the frequently asked questions page for additional information. 


Required Forms 

  • Required to conduct business off campus 
  • Must be completed by all University employees even if there are no reimbursable expenses.
  • Ensures that the traveler is covered by SDSU liability policy
  • Provides the account number and approval for reimbursement of expenses
  • Travelers who are only employees of SDSURF are not required to complete a T2

SDSU Foreign Travel Insurance Program (FTIP)
  • All faculty and staff traveling internationally are required to enroll in the SDSU Foreign Travel Insurance Program. 
  • Paid for by SDSU; no cost to the employee
  • Includes trip interruption and lost luggage coverage
  • Travelers will not be reimbursed for trip insurance purchased through an airline or travel agent. 
  • You will receive your travel assist card via email. 
  • If your travel dates change or your trip is canceled, contact Nancy Demich immediately to adjust or cancel your insurance coverage.

Approval procedures and deadlines

IP Development (travel) Grant recipients should use the forms found on the Travel procedures for grant recipients page.


Once you have completed the required forms and signed your T2, you are ready to begin the approval process. It is recommended that you begin the process 45 days prior to travel. If your travel dates are confirmed this far in advance, turn your paperwork into your department and let the normal process take place.


The long approval time is required since multiple offices must approve international travel.  Adequate time must be allowed for administrative schedules, staff workloads, transit between offices via inter-campus mail and other possible delays.


Required signatures for international travel:

  1. Traveler 
  2. Department chair or school director
  3. Dean or designee (usually the associate dean) 
  4. OIP (only if funded by an OIP grant)
  5. Faculty Affairs/Provost 
  6. Business Affairs
  7. President

Normal procedure 

45 days prior to departure submit completed forms to your department or school office for processing. Follow instructions from your office coordinator. Your insurance card should arrive the week of travel.


Expedited procedure

If traveling on short notice, it may be possible to begin the process 14 days prior to travel.

  1. Confirm availability of signatories 2-3 to sign form same/next day
  2. Walk the forms around to signatories 2 and 3 
  3. Hand deliver signed forms to Faculty Affairs 12 business days prior to travel
  4. Your insurance card will arrive via email just before you depart.
International travel funded by the SDSU Research Foundation 
  • If you are a University employee traveling on SDSURF funding you must complete a T2 and FTIP and follow the same procedure as all SDSU employees, see above.
  • If you are exclusively employed by SDSURF follow these directions.
  • To claim reimbursement from SDSURF funds consult your project administrator