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All research personnel must receive training in the ethical care and use of animals and the regulations, policies and procedures governing animal use in research as well as the actual procedures that may be performed on animals during the course of the research. Procedure training can be provided by PI, senior lab personnel, or OLAC.

SDSU uses the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) web-based courses to provide basic training in the humane care and use of animals in research and teaching. The CITI Program's Animal Care and Use materials cover general principles of ethical care and use of animals in research, training, and testing, as well as focusing on the care and use of particular animals. Content is designed to meet U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) requirements for basic training in the humane care and use of animals.

Training is separated into learner groups based on the research activities and species used and you should choose the group(s) that closely matches these activities or other responsibilities that you perform.

Please note:  IACUC requires only the training associated with *Learner Group/Question #2* on the initial questionnaire (Laboratory Animal Research – this includes field work with wildlife as well). Other training modules may be required by other entities at the university.

 Question 2

Once you choose the appropriate learner group, the table below outlines which modules are required, depending on the type of work being conducted.

 CITI Matrix



If you have never used CITI before, you will need to create an account. Select San Diego State University as your organization affiliation. If you have an existing account and are affiliated with another institution, click on the area to affiliate with another Institution, and enter San Diego State University as your new institution.

All required online training must be completed before any individual may be listed on or added to an approved IACUC protocol; individuals who fail to complete required training will not be authorized to engage in any activities involving live animals. Training must be completed every three years.

CITI training has replaced the current SDSU Animal Health and Welfare Training on Blackboard.


In addition to the CITI Animal Care and Use Training, Office of Laboratory Animal Care (OLAC) Orientation is required for all personnel who will be in direct contact with animals. The specific content and degree of detail will vary depending on the knowledge, previous experience and expertise of the target audience. This orientation can include but is not limited to:

  • Vivaria Entrance Procedures
  • Protective Clothing/Hygiene
  • Procedure & Survival Surgery Rooms
  • Procedure Room
  • Animal Receiving & Quarantine/Isolation
  • Animal Movements
  • Euthanasia procedures
  • Cage cards/Animal Identification
  • OLAC Responsibilities
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Training/Educational Resources

Hands on training is also available. Examples may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Handling/Restraint
  • Euthanasia Procedures
  • Breeding Management
  • Clinical Techniques - Blood Draw, Injections, etc.

Once all of the necessary training and orientation have been completed, vivarium access and keys will be issued as needed. Please contact the Office of Laboratory Animal Care at (619) 594-5421 to arrange this orientation and training once the CITI training courses are complete.

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For new personnel, please contact your Principal Investigator to be added to the protocol. PIs can add or delete personnel by emailing with the following information:  PI Name, APF #, Student Name and Student Email address.

To contact program admin support:

Division of Research Affairs

Animal Care and Use Program
Gateway Center, 3rd floor

San Diego State University
5250 Campanile Dr.
Mail Code 1933
San Diego, CA 92182

Phone: 619-594-0905