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Material Transfer Agreement

Material transfer within the context of research facilitates collaboration among scientists. Unique materials developed or owned by an investigator at one institution may be useful to develop another line of questioning or confirm findings at another locale. Materials transferred for research are typically associated with biological sciences. The Material Transfer Agreement solidifies the terms and conditions for the exchange of materials.

PLEASE NOTE: Save the following forms used for material transfer to your computer before filling out.

SDSU Approval of Material Transfer Agreements

All Material Transfer Agreements, regardless of whether SDSU is the "Provider" or the "Recipient" of the material, must be approved by the Authorized Institutional Official within Graduate and Research Affairs. To obtain institutional approval and the appropriate signature, please return a completed copy of the MTA Request for Approval Form and the completed appropriate Material Transfer Agreement to Division of Research Affairs, Gateway Center, 3rd Floor 3519A, MC 1933 or for more information call (619) 594-0905.

Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement

As a matter of convenience, SDSU has agreed to abide by all terms and conditions of the Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement ("UBMTA") as published in the Federal Register on March 8, 1995 and has placed on file with the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) an accepted and signed unmodified copy of the UBMTA. Transfer of biological materials between institutions that are signatories to the UBMTA may be completed by using a brief Implementing Letter which identifies the material and the parties and confirms that the transfer is being made under the terms of the UBMTA. To use the UBMTA, complete the implementing letter and submit it to the Division of Research Affairs.

Other Material Transfer Agreement Formats

Transfers involving proprietary materials and/or commercial entities may require greater levels of protection and the more detailed Proprietary Material Transfer Agreement may be preferred or required.

For non-proprietary materials or transfers to non-profit entities, the Simple Agreement for Transfer of Non-proprietary Biological Materials may be used in lieu of the UBMTA. This form is shorter and contains fewer restrictions and reporting requirements.

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For More Information

For information, please contact the Division of Research Affairs at 619-594-0905.

Live Animal Transfers

Use the Mouse Line Transfer form to transfer animals off campus.