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Oral Presentations

Oral presentations are limited to ten minutes followed by five minutes of questions. Time limits will be enforced.

The graphics you project on the screen should be brief. They need to support the spoken word, help clarify ideas, emphasize key points, show relationships, illustrate concepts, and provide the visual information your audience needs to understand your research. Reading from your slides is not a desirable method of presentation.

You will be notified by email with the time and location of your oral presentation in early February.

  • PowerPoint is the only supported software program for the Symposium.  Keynote is not supported.

  • You must set your PowerPoint resolution to widescreen format.

  • Graphics files should be embedded into each presentation (not linked) and be scaled appropriately.

  • Motion graphics (videos) must also be embedded and playable via Quicktime.

  • Use Standard fonts (e.g. Helvetica,Times New Roman)

  • The recommend text size for slides must be 20 points or larger.

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