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Volunteer! Staff and SDSU community:

We expect more than 500 students will participate and, we will need more than 100 staff to serve as moderators, ushers, and registration desk attendants.

*For the moderator sign up list, click here.*

Register to volunteer this year!

Please email:

Once you register, your name will be placed in the SRS volunteers database and you will be contacted with details about your session(s) or other duties.

Instructions for Moderators:

We greatly appreciate your important contribution at the Student Research Symposium. As moderator, your two primary tasks are to keep presentations on time and to direct the question periods.


At the beginning of your session, you should give a brief introduction welcoming the student presenters and audience members as well as give a description of the procedures. Each speaker will be allowed ten minutes for their presentation that is to be followed by five minutes for questions—you must enforce these time limits. Signal the speaker when he/she has five, three, and one minutes remaining. If the speaker has not completed his/her presentation within the 10-minute limit, you must interrupt the presentation and begin the question period.

As moderator, you will call on the questioner; however, judges are to be given preference for questions. Furthermore, as moderator, you must be prepared to ask the first question should the other judges or audience members not have any immediate questions.

If a speaker fails to show, wait to begin the next presentation until the scheduled time as there may be audience/judges intending to arrive at that assigned time for the presentation.


Prior to the start of the session, you should confer with the judges to discuss the procedures and stress the importance of fair and consistent evaluations. Judges were sent and imail with instructions and the link to the new online scoring system. You may need to help them locate student abstract numbers and their judge ID. You will receive firther instruction after you have been assigned a session. In addition, please have the judges introduce themselves at the begining of the session.


If any computer problems or concerns arise, call for a Student Ambassador just outside your room and ask for assistance. Instructional Technology Services (ITS) is standing by in the event of any problems.

Please let us know if you have questions. See you at the SRS!

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