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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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Holographic capture of the Virtual Standardized Patient simulation at Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studios.
Nursing Simulator Research Draws Top Prize
Richard Woodcock
Rocket Project Receives Generous Gift from Richard Woodcock
Kate McClure (
#SDSUGrad: Kate McClure
Natalie Wilson (’20)
#SDSUGrad: Natalie Wilson
Omar Yepez (
Taking Charge
Richard Amaechi (
#SDSUGrad: Richard Amaechi
Kung-Jong Lui
In Memoriam: Kung-Jong Lui
Bumble bees face different risks of disease transmission depending on which flowers they visit.
This Stings: Some Flowers Can Harm the Bumble Bees They’re Meant to Attract
Allana Hill (’20) with her daughter
From Adversity: Inspiration and a Choice
Virginia Loh-Hagan
New PBS Series Brings Asian American Perspective to K-12 Learning
This program is designed to help San Diego’s police officers, firefighters, and healthcare workers continue their education.
SDSU Offers Free Courses to Heroic First Responders
Rachel Hollinger (
#SDSUGrad: Rachel Hollinger