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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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Richard Woodcock
Rocket Project Receives Generous Gift from Richard Woodcock
Kate McClure (
#SDSUGrad: Kate McClure
Natalie Wilson (’20)
#SDSUGrad: Natalie Wilson
Omar Yepez (
Taking Charge
Richard Amaechi (
#SDSUGrad: Richard Amaechi
Allana Hill (’20) with her daughter
From Adversity: Inspiration and a Choice
Rachel Hollinger (
#SDSUGrad: Rachel Hollinger
Natalie King-Shaw
Making a Connection
Story Image
SDSU’s Response to State Auditor’s May 14 Report Regarding Mandatory Fees
Nearly 430 students participated in the two-day Student Research Symposium. (Video: Melissa Porter/SDSU)
SDSU Yearbook: Student Research Symposium Highlights High-Impact Research of Students
Kaitlyn Little (‘20)
#SDSUGrad: Kaitlyn Little
Through its website
Student Account Services Launches Live Chat in Response to COVID-19