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Friday, April 3, 2020

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SDSU viral ecologist Forest Rohwer was chosen for a Moore Foundation award to research how coral reefs adapt to climate change. Photo: Scott Hargrove
SDSU Ecologist Receives Prestigious Moore Foundation Award
Eva Huber
Scaling Mountains
Vanessa Delgado is studying abroad at Maastricht University in the Netherlands for the spring semester.
Adjusting to Life in the Netherlands
Karina Jimenez is studying abroad for the spring semester at Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, Mexico.
Mexico's Food and Culture
Ellen E. McCarthy
Intelligence Is a Science, Diplomacy Is an Art
Junior political science major Neyla Buil Macarty is one of eight SDSU students to receive a Gilman Scholarship for 2020.
Eight SDSU Students Earn Gilman Scholarships
Taliane Elobo
Seizing the Opportunity
Faheem Eissar (left) in Afghanistan with the rug she wove to hor the education Eesa Ahmadi (right) received from SDSU.
Threads of Grace: A Story of Survival
Vanessa Hernandez is studying abroad for the fall semester at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand.
SDSU Ranks Top 5 in U.S. for Students Studying Abroad
SDSU student Kiyomi Nomura visited the Cape Reinga Lighthouse while studying abroad in New Zealand.
Weekends are for Road Trips
A programming error in the flight control system is the culprit behind two Boeing 737 Max plane crashes. Photo: Stock photo.
What Caused Boeing’s 737 Max Crashes
Anthropology major Delana Delgado took this photo titled "Los Danzantes Resilientes" in Oaxaca, Mexico while studying abroad.
Winners Transform International Experiences into Extraordinary Images