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Thursday, June 24, 2021

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A photo of a San Diego beach
Project Launching to Remove Tobacco Product Waste from San Diego Beaches, Parks
Elise Ramirez is an undergraduate researcher in the School of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences.
Making Bilingual Speech Language Therapy More Accessible
Microbiologist Nick Shikuma with rising sophomore researcher Sama Rakin Michael.
Head Start to Microbiology Research as a Rising Sophomore
Story Image
Fast Track to Machine Learning Research via MESA
Extreme heat combined with ozone from vehicle pollution leads to increased hospitalizations for respiratory issues especially in the poorer ZIP codes.
Poor Hit Hardest By Extreme Heat and Ozone
3D digital reconstruction of the skull of Aetiocetus weltoni, an ancient whale that is the evolutionary
Ancient Baleen Whales Had a Mouthful
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Mentorship in Action: Cancer Researchers Unlock Secrets of Tumor Growth
A report by leading environmental scientists urges California to act to protect the marine ecosystem against microplastic pollution.
Report Urges California to Act to Protect Marine Ecosystems Against Microplastics
Evolutionary biologists have developed a new computational approach to genomic species delineation that improves upon current methods and could impact policy in the future.
New Approach to Identify Genetic Boundaries of Species Could Impact Policy
Todd Braje and students engage in field research on the Channel Islands.
Island Extinctions in the Pleistocene? Don’t Blame Us
Ecologist Xiaofeng Xu and colleagues found that seasonal fluctuations in temperature lead to a corresponding fluctuation in microbial populations in the soil, and increased carbon emissions.
Soil Microbes and Carbon Emissions: The Weather Factor
Pyschologist Jillian Lee Wiggins works with young children and youth to study irritability and predict risks for mental health issues later in life.
Red Flag: Childhood Irritability Could Signal Future Problems