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Saturday, August 17, 2019

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Geology lecturer Victor Camp studies mantle rock that causes volcanic supereruptions. Photo: Ryan Schuler
Mantle rock behind Yellowstone’s supereruptions extends to Northern California
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SDSU Grant Funding Soars to $148.5M
SDSU geographer Trent Biggs measures streamflow with colleagues while working in Brazil.
Forests, French History and Filming in Fiji: Still More Summer Research Abroad
Students research food and farming practices in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Migrants, Memorials and Mass Incarceration: More Summer Research Abroad
Robotics researcher and assistant professor Peiman N. Mousavi (left) with his student Mostafa Bagheri and the robot they worked on. Photo and video: Scott Hargrove for SDSU
This Imitator Could Help Seniors With Motor Skills
Bioinformatics researcher and professor Rob Edwards. Photo credit: Scott Hargrove for SDSU.
A Common Gut Virus that Maps Our Travels
SDSU anthropologist Ramona Pérez will step into the role of president-elect/vice president of the American Anthropological Association in November.
SDSU Anthropologist Elected to National Leadership Role
Endangered moor macaques gather alongside the road in a national park in Indonesia, searching for food among garbage. Anthropologist Erin Riley is building a research-driven intervention to discourage littering and protect the threatened species.
Earthquakes, Ecosystems and Endangered Monkeys: Summer Research Abroad
Aaraceli Saucedo (left), coordinator of SDSU
Solar Research Shimmers in Imperial Valley
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Research Horizons: The Science of Smell
Kathy Williams, professor emerita of biology and a faculty member at the Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education
Change Agents: Education Specialists a Growing Force at CSU Campuses
Biology Professor Annalisa Berta provides finishing touches to colleague Roland Wolkowicz’s regalia. Photo: Jason Ritchie.
Professor Battling Life-Threatening Disease Surprises His Students

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