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Thursday, April 22, 2021

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SDSU community health workers set up mobile testing sites in some of the hardest hit areas of San Diego County through Communities Fighting COVID! Photo: Eric Zentmyer
An SDSU Institute that Serves Behind the Scenes
The School of Public Health celebrates 40 years this week. Its alumni represent 75% of the public health workforce in San Diego County.
School of Public Health: 40 Years of Serving the Community
SDSU ecologists Megan Jennings, Rebecca Lewison and colleagues lead a climate adaptation project that has been lauded as a model for the southwestern U.S.
SDSU Ecologists Lead Climate Adaptation Project Lauded as a Model
Student Research Symposium
Annual Symposium Celebrates Student Research
Four San Diego State University research teams will focus on transborder research and development, leveraging SDSU Imperial Valley’s presence in Calexico and Brawley, two hours east of San Diego.
Big Ideas for Transborder Solutions
An artist’s conception of an urban air mobility environment. SDSU and UCSD engineers will help bring futuristic electric air taxis closer to reality. Credits: NASA / Lillian Gipson
Designing a Rideshare for the Sky
Five San Diego State University research teams are proposing tangible pathways to foster social justice in professional, educational, historical and social contexts, empowering communities to eliminate social and economic disparities.
Big Ideas for Social Justice
When COVID-19 began, SDSU pivoted to serve the community through contact tracing, mobile testing and vaccine roll out efforts. Photos: Frank Villalpondo, Eric
Inside SDSU's Community COVID-19 Efforts
A facial covering mandate was issued for all those on campus.
One Year Later and Closer to a Different Future
SDSU and UC San Diego bioengineers pinpoint a key factor that allows cancer cells to spread.
Insights on Metastatic Cancer and How Cells Migrate
Four Big Ideas proposals will address climate change from different perspectives.
Big Ideas for Climate Change
SDSU researcher Jillian Maloney (right) studies sediment cores in her San Diego State University geology lab.
Research Horizons: Examining Coastal Faults