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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Finnisha Eastman
#SDSUGrad: Finnisha Eastman
Kendall Fortner
#SDSUGrad: Kendall Fortner
A graduate at SDSU
Commencement Honors Resilient and Diverse Classes of ’20 and ’21
Jacob Wright
#SDSUGrad: Jacob Wright
Jade Walker
#SDSUGrad: Jade Walker
Giannela Gonzales
Giannela Gonzales Finds Personal, Professional Growth at APIDA Resource Center
Priscilla Silva
Carrying a Distinction with Pride
In 1963, U.S. President John F. Kennedy became the first to receive an honorary doctoral degree from what was then San Diego State College.
SDSU to Award Seven Honorary Degrees
All ceremonies will adhere to county and state guidelines with facial coverings and physical distancing required.
Everything You Need to Know About Attending 2021 Commencement
Adam Carrillo
#SDSUGrad: Adam Carrillo
SDSU Career Services’ career counselors share their key tips for job-seeking graduates. (Photo taken prior to March 2020)
Tips for Job-Seeking 2021 Graduates
Tyler Shiver
#SDSUGrad: Tyler Shiver