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Monday, May 10, 2021

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Victor Penera
#SDSUGrad: Victor Penera
Aleah Jarin
#SDSUGrad: Aleah Jarin
Kyle Betz
#SDSUGrad: Kyle Betz
Kaitlin Chau
#SDSUGrad: Kaitlin Chau
Megan Mueller
#SDSUGrad: Megan Mueller
The schedule of ceremonies by college can be found on the SDSU Commencement site.
Outdoor Off-Campus Commencement Plan Moving Forward
SDSU Imperial Valley alumnus Jose Luis Alvarado rose from humble origins to become the Provost at CSU Los Angeles this year. Video: Ryan Schuler
‘Sí, se puede.’ Yes, you can.
The Pride Flag flying adjacent to the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union
SDSU Top 10 in U.S., No. 1 in California for Supporting LGBTQ+ Students
Lauren Haughton Gillis (
#SDSUGrad: Lauren Haughton Gillis
Nick Courtney (
#SDSUGrad: Nick Courtney
Daphne Joie B. Calaguas
#SDSUGrad: Daphne Joie B. Calaguas
James Owens (
#SDSUGrad: James Owens