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Friday, July 23, 2021

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Celine Jusuf
At Home in the Women’s Resource Center
Thomas Morales
Environmental Commitment Draws Student Fellowship
Sign for a COVID-19 vaccine site.
Researchers Find Access Hurdles to COVID-19 Vaccinations
Story Image
Literacy Center Addresses Pandemic Learning Loss in Local Schools
Health For All Kids expanded Medi-Cal coverage in California.
Health Safety Net for Undocumented Kids Works, Study Finds
Ben, a client of the speech language clinic at SDSU
Ben’s Words: Showing Children How to Produce Sounds and Speech
Elise Ramirez is an undergraduate researcher in the School of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences.
Making Bilingual Speech Language Therapy More Accessible
Microbiologist Nick Shikuma with rising sophomore researcher Sama Rakin Michael.
Head Start to Microbiology Research as a Rising Sophomore
A graduate at SDSU
Commencement Honors Resilient and Diverse Classes of ’20 and ’21
Extreme heat combined with ozone from vehicle pollution leads to increased hospitalizations for respiratory issues especially in the poorer ZIP codes.
Poor Hit Hardest By Extreme Heat and Ozone
3D digital reconstruction of the skull of Aetiocetus weltoni, an ancient whale that is the evolutionary
Ancient Baleen Whales Had a Mouthful
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Mentorship in Action: Cancer Researchers Unlock Secrets of Tumor Growth