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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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SDSU researchers are investigating how the virus, social distancing and lockdowns have affected mental health and human behavior.
SDSU Faculty Address Mental Health during a Pandemic
Miro Copic
What to Expect This Holiday Shopping Season
Roman Colosseum (Source: Pexels)
SDSU’s Efforts Underscore Importance of International Education Week
The Research HUB offers six areas of collected data, including vulnerability maps and San Diego ZIP code maps.
Tackling COVID-19 in San Diego: SDSU Projects Address Vulnerable Communities
Jacob DuCharme
Real Estate Society Continues to Provide Opportunities to Students
Maria-Isabel Rojas processes an environmental swab sample for SARS-CoV-2.
SDSU Researchers Confront COVID-19: Understanding the Virus
SDSU and UCSD researchers studied the risk of touching Halloween candy handled by COVID-19 positive people..
Halloween 2020: More Risk from Fellow Trick-or-Treaters than the Loot
The public
Public Trust in Science on the Rise during COVID-19 Pandemic
Ener Arvizu-Muñoz with a ventilator exhalation valve he designed. Arvizu-Muñoz is a part of engineering professor Kevin Wood
SDSU Faculty Lead Collaborative COVID-19 Research Efforts: Health Care
Jessica Embury
Real-time COVID-19 Research Offers “Fuller, More Immersive Student Experience”
Summer Institute for Flex Instruction Draws Plaudits
Kashmoné Hamilton
Coaching Health