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Monday, March 20, 2023

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An SDSU student fills out a voter registration form in Aztec Center. An SDSU student fills out a voter registration form in Aztec Center.

SDSU Students Rock the Vote in More Ways than One

Student organizations plan several events to get students informed for the upcoming election
By Lorena Nava Ruggero

The signs are everywhere – Rock the Vote, Register Now, Vote or Die. But are students paying attention?

If this semester’s election-related activities at San Diego State University are any indication, then they are getting the message loud and clear.

During the first three weeks of the semester, 3,000 San Diego State University students registered to vote, according to Daniel Ostreicher, Associated Students vice president of external affairs.

SDSU students
can determine who wins
this November.

"This election is important because in California there are very important ballot measures for the voters, from gay marriage to high-speed energy rail," Ostreicher said. "The local District 7 seat had a difference of fewer than 300 votes in the last race, so SDSU students can determine who wins this November."

To get students motivated to vote, AS is sponsoring two Rock the Vote events, including a candidate forum on Wednesday, Sept. 24 that will feature several city council district candidates and a late night open mic event on Thursday, Sept. 25.

Other student groups are also helping students get informed, including the College Democrats and College Republicans, which helped register voters during the first week of classes. Both groups will also participate in the AS-sponsored Rock the Vote events.

On election day, Montezuma Hall will serve as a poll site accepting absentee ballots, in addition to on-site voting.