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Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Eucalyptus Tree Topples in Storm

A professional tree service should remove the tree on Friday.
By Gina Jacobs

A tall Eucalyptus tree west of the Communications Building was uprooted due to rain and wind during the storm overnight on Wednesday. 

The tree, which was discovered by San Diego State grounds crews early Thursday, fell onto the roof of the building but did not cause any damage.  A professional tree service has been contacted and should remove the tree on Friday.

Eucalyptus trees are particularly susceptible to weather damage because of their shallow root structure. When the ground is saturated, they can easily be uprooted in strong winds.

This is not the first tree to fall as a result of the recent storms. Another eucalyptus tree was uprooted on Canyon Crest Drive yesterday and a third in the W-Lot.  Grounds crews have been canvassing the campus looking for additional trees that might be in danger of falling.

Anyone who sees a tree that looks like it might be in danger of falling is urged to contact work control at (619) 594-4754 during regular business hours. If there is an immediate danger that threatens life or property, contact SDSU Police at (619) 594-1991.