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Thursday, December 7, 2023

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Scholarship recipients, SDSU representatives and members of ARCS present President Weber with a check. Scholarship recipients, SDSU representatives and members of ARCS present President Weber with a check.

Female Philanthropists Fund Student Scholarships

The San Diego Chapter for Achievement Rewards for College Scientists donated $105,000 for graduate student scholarships.

As part of its continued support of SDSU graduate students, the San Diego Chapter for Achievement Rewards for Colleges Scientists (ARCS) Foundation donated $105,000 for student scholarships.

2010-11 scholarship recipients

The funds will support 14 graduate students in a variety of disciplines in the College of Sciences, including:

  • Christopher Cottage, cell/molecular biology
  • Shirin Doroudgar, cell/molecular biology
  • Marc Gregerson, chemistry
  • Krissi Hewitt, cell/molecular biology
  • Megan Jennings, ecology
  • Martin Kandes, computational science
  • Lucie Nguyen, computational science
  • Marc Rideout, biology/biochemistry
  • Johnny Ruedas, cell/molecular biology
  • Aleksandr Stotland, cell/molecular biology
  • Jenna Tabor-Godwin, cell/molecular biology
  • Ginger Tsueng, cell/molecular biology
  • Stanley Walls, cell/molecular biology
  • Robert Wilson, chemistry

Sharing scholarship and research

Leaders of the ARCS San Diego chapter  group presented the check to SDSU President Stephen L. Weber. All 14 Ph.D. students were part of the presentation and enjoyed spending the afternoon with President Weber by sharing with him the latest in their teachings, research and presentations.

Candace Kohl, ARCS president, Ediwna Riblet, ARCS vice president; Robin Luby, ARCS/SDSU liaison, and Cathie Atkins, associate dean of the College of Sciences, also mingled with the students and President Weber.

About ARCS

The ARCS San Diego Chapter, one of 17 chapters across the country, has provided continued support of San Diego State University students studying to complete degrees in science and engineering since 1988.

A nonprofit, all-women, volunteer organization, ARCS is dedicated to helping the best and brightest U.S. graduate and undergraduate science, engineering and medical students. The organization was formed nationally in 1958 in response to Sputnik and the lack of U.S. supremacy in the technology race.
All of the members contribute funds toward these scholarships which are awarded locally to:

  • San Diego State University
  • University of California, San Diego
  • The Scripps Research Institute
  • University of San Diego

In addition to member donations, contributions come from corporations, foundations and other individuals.