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Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Members of The Show at a recent men's basketball game. Members of The Show at a recent men's basketball game.

BYU Game Sparks Aztecs Frenzy

SDSU is abuzz with talk of the upcoming home game against BYU.
By Samantha Afetian

The excitement for the Feb. 26 men’s basketball home game against No. 7 Brigham Young University is echoing throughout campus.

With the loss against BYU last month, ending the No. 6/4 Aztec’s 20-game winning streak, SDSU students are aching for revenge, and they're telling everyone about it.

Facebook groups about the game popped up and gained hundreds of members over night, while Facebook events are circulating, encouraging students to camp out for tickets. Even Twitter feeds are full of students and fans bursting with Aztec pride.

On campus, chatter of the upcoming game can be heard in nearly every classroom and lecture hall. Students are frantic over the BYU game and are more than willing to sleep under the stars to get their hands on a ticket.

“I have to camp out for tickets because I just can’t pass up the chance to go to this game,” said Evan Rowley, a SDSU student who previously camped out for tickets for the game against Texas Christian University.

“Think of the energy level in that stadium; you have to be there for that. It’s going to be insane!”

Getting creative

The buzz over the BYU game has made tickets for the game a hot commodity, but with a full week of classes before ticket distribution Friday, students have had to get creative with their plans.

For one SDSU student, Allison Wills, camping out for tickets entails a complex system of scheduling and one-time exceptions.

“We’re going to get to the line as soon as possible and take turns rotating out of line for classes,” said Wills.

“I’m even missing work for tickets, which I never do! I just can’t wait to go into Viejas and see our Aztecs. It’s going to be great.”

Aztec intimidation

Excitement for the game has also sparked some game-time scheming among the student population. Leading the trend is “The Show,” a group of Aztec basketball faithful, notorious for their tactics of distracting and intimidating the opposition during the game.

“We have a couple tricks up our sleeves for the BYU game,” said Vincent Silva, member of The Show. “But don’t let Jimmer know, though. We want him to be surprised.”


In honor of the camp-out and in preparation of the BYU game, Associated Students is hosting Fisherville from 10 p.m. to midnight on Thursday in front of Viejas Arena.

Fisherville will provide free entertainment, music, food and giveaways to SDSU students waiting in line and to students who just want to get into the “Beat BYU!” spirit.

Pre-game celebration downtown

For Aztec fans not spending the night outside of Viejas Arena, at 10 a.m., Friday, Feb. 25, SDSU is hosting a pre-game celebration downtown in Horton Square, just outside the NBC San Diego studios at 225 Broadway. The event also kicks off SDSU Month, the monthlong celebration of SDSU and “Aztecs for Life.”

The event is free and open to the public. Anyone is welcome to join in cheering on the Aztec men’s basketball team before they take on BYU at Viejas Arena the next day.
Aztec band members, the cheer squad, dance team, the Aztec Warrior and Zuma the jaguar will all be part of the celebration. Aztec alumni and fans wearing red and black will have the opportunity to win a basketball autographed by the team and other prizes and giveaways.