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Thursday, December 7, 2023

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Jeffrey Brown, director of the new SDSU commercial, shoots the climactic scene.

Commercial Sneak Peek

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the new SDSU commercial, inspired by the student-section chant at Aztec basketball games.

“Once you’re an Aztec, you’re always an Aztec”— that was the concept for the memorable Aztec-for-Life TV commercial that followed the Aztec Warrior from grade school to grand-fatherhood.

The unique spot debuted in 2010 and earned rave reviews.  Now, the same creative team from Tallgrass Pictures LLC is back producing a new spot for SDSU as part of a university-wide rebranding process that builds on the success of the Aztec-for-Life campaign.

'I Believe That We Will Win!'

The new commercial was inspired by the “I Believe That We Will Win!” chant, made popular by SDSU’s student section during the Aztec men’s basketball unforgettable run to the NCAA Sweet Sixteen.

Shot throughout San Diego County, the spot features various community members repeating parts of the chant.  Along the way, energy builds as the chant is joined by famous Aztecs such as Ralph Rubio and Mayor Jerry Sanders.

The final shot features hundreds of Aztec faithful coming together in front of iconic Hepner Hall, marching and chanting, “I believe that we will win!”

“With ‘Aztec for Life’ we created a commercial that reflected our unique culture and Aztec spirit,” said Melissa Henss, manager of integrated marketing communications. “This new spot will once again differentiate us by showcasing our most passionate supporters, as well as SDSU’s strong connections with the San Diego region.”

'Leadership Starts Here'

The “I Believe” TV spot will be the first to feature SDSU’s new tagline:  “Leadership Starts Here.”

According to Henss, the new tagline reflects SDSU’s considerable momentum and commitment to serving the region.

The new university branding will be rolled out over the next few months and showcase the stories of SDSU students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters actively engaged in propelling the region into the future.

Commercial debut

The 30-second commercial will debut Sept. 17 at the football game versus Washington State at Qualcomm Stadium.