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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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SDSU logo with the new tagline, "Leadership Starts Here" SDSU logo with the new tagline, "Leadership Starts Here"

New SDSU Tagline Introduced

“Leadership Starts Here” Branding Made Easy For SDSU Faculty and Staff.
By Jack Beresford

San Diego State University has a new tagline – Leadership Starts Here – and faculty and staff are encouraged to begin using it in official communications.  The tagline is an important piece of a larger strategic communication effort aimed at enhancing SDSU’s academic reputation locally, regionally and nationally.

The new tagline and SDSU branding is the result of an inclusive two-year process, which asked the campus community what is most distinctive about SDSU.

“Branding is simply working in coordination with others to share a consistent and compelling message about your organization,” said Jack Beresford SDSU’s Chief Communications Officer.  “We learned a lot from talking with students, faculty and staff.  People are really passionate about San Diego State and how it transforms lives.  Hopefully that’s reflected in the new SDSU branding.”

Leadership Starts Here Defined

Leadership Starts Here is a bold statement of San Diego State’s impact and commitment.   Rooted in the university’s deep engagement in the community – Leadership Starts Here speaks to the special relationship between SDSU and San Diego. But it goes even further.

“At its core, Leadership Starts Here is about how SDSU – through its outstanding people and nationally recognized programs – is propelling the region into the future,” said Beresford.  “Surveys of each of SDSU’s key stakeholder groups consistently identified this idea as most compelling to them in terms of building pride and support for the university.”

If Leadership Starts Here sounds familiar it’s because it's been used since since September as the theme of The Campaign for SDSU.  However, Leadership Starts Here is more than a theme for SDSU’s university-wide fundraising campaign – it is an official new tagline and a new way of expressing what distinguishes SDSU.

SDSU Brand Central Launched

Leadership Starts Here replaces SDSU’s previous tagline:  "Minds That Move the World."  As SDSU introduces Leadership Starts Here, the university is refocusing efforts to engage the community and share a more compelling, consistent message of excellence and pride.

To assist SDSU faculty and staff in understanding the new branding and to access resources such as official SDSU logos, SDSU Marketing & Communications has created SDSU Brand Central, a new online resource.  SDSU Brand Central includes examples of Leadership Starts Here advertisements, stories highlighting people and programs that exemplify the brand.

Presentations are also being made to answer questions and identify areas of collaboration.  For more information, contact SDSU Marketing & Communications.