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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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Kristen Paruginog Kristen Paruginog


SDSU student Kristen Paruginog created a charity to raise awareness of domestic violence.
By Hallie Jacobs

Kristen Paruginog is a San Diego State graduating senior, full-time employee at a major financial firm and Miss San Diego Cities 2011.

She is also a victim of domestic violence.

Her experiences empowered her to start a charity called “Breaking the Silence Against Domestic Violence,” dedicated to shedding light on domestic violence through education, leadership and discussion.

“Looking at all the things I’ve accomplished, you would never expect me to have endured the things that I have,” Paruginog said.  “But my movement is my therapy.”

A call to action

Since she founded her charity, many have reached out to Paruginog via Facebook and other social media. “This is an issue people don’t want to talk about, so by sharing my story, it is inspiring others to open up about it and break the silence,” Paruginog said.

Paruginog’s personal experiences with law enforcement convinced her that changes need to be made regarding police response to domestic violence disputes.

“One of the goals of my campaign is to create legislation to have police officers go through domestic violence training and know how to respond to these situations,” Paruginog said.  “I don’t want anybody to have to go through the things I went through, so if I can change the status quo, I’m doing my job.”

“These Hands Don’t Hurt”

“Breaking the Silence Against Domestic Violence" will be part of SDSU’s  "These Hands Don't Hurt" fair, April 10, to raise awareness about domestic violence.  Paruginog is one of three keynote speakers and will lead a candlelight vigil to honor those whose lives have been taken by domestic violence.

Leadership Starts Here

Paruginog's efforts exemplify student leadership at San Diego State University. Learn more about SDSU students, faculty and alumni leading in their communities and around the globe.

More information

Learn more about Paruginog’s movement, "Breaking the Silence Against Domestic Violence."