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Friday, June 24, 2022

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Students will have the opportunity to receive a Master of Science in Hospitality Tourism and Management. Students will have the opportunity to receive a Master of Science in Hospitality Tourism and Management.

Hospitality and Tourism Launches Master's

The program prepares mid-level managers for career growth.
By Steve Dolan

San Diego State University is now accepting applications for its new Master of Science in Hospitality Tourism and Management degree.

This program is targeted to mid-level managers with 5 to 15 years of experience aspiring to advance to the next level of leadership as a director, general manager, or CEO within a hospitality, recreation, or tourism organization or agency.

Offered through the L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality and Tourism Management and administered by SDSU’s Extended Studies, the program also reaches out to experienced professionals who wish to continue their education while maintaining their current positions within the industry.

“This cutting-edge Master’s degree program is based upon proven, real-world techniques and delivered by a highly experienced and expert faculty,” said Carl Winston, director of the L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. “The program was developed in consultation with major companies in the industry so we know exactly what is needed to boost people to the next level.  It will provide up-and-coming hospitality executives with a competitive edge as they advance their careers.”

About the program

Most of the curriculum in this 13-month program will be delivered in an online format, allowing flexibility for students to participate while continuing to work in their current occupations, and includes an intensive week on campus at both the beginning and end of the schedule.

The curriculum focuses on the development of strategic leadership, analytical, and administrative organizational skills specific to the hospitality and tourism industry.

“The SDSU HTM program is renowned in our industry,” said Brad Gessner, general manager, San Diego Convention Center. “I think being involved with that curriculum, what they learn and the way they teach is definitely a benefit to anybody coming out of the program.”

This program will enable students to close the gap needed to move from basic leadership and managerial positions into complex leadership positions in national and multi-national organizations in this growing field. The program will serve an international and national audience.

“I think continuing education is absolutely critical to what we do,” said Mike Bieber, regional manager of Chili’s Restaurant. “I truly believe the HTM program will give students a competitive edge.”

For more information, visit, email instructor Jeff Campbell at or call (858) 451-6096.

Final program approval is anticipated May 9.

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