Monday, December 5, 2016

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Reducing Cancer Health Disparities in Diverse Communities Reducing Cancer Health Disparities in Diverse Communities

Targeting Cancer

The SDSU/UCSD Cancer Center Comprehensive Partnership has taken aim at cancer health disparities in diverse communities.
By Glenn S. Robertson

The SDSU/UCSD Cancer Center Comprehensive Partnership will host a free dinner workshop from 5:30 to 8 p.m., April 24, at the Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center. 

The workshop encourages collaboration between academic researchers and community members to address inequalities related to the burden of cancer in underserved communities. 

It's called “Continuing the Dialogue: Community Based Participatory Research Spring Dinner Workshop," and it's part of the Creating a Common Language (In Partnership) to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities series.

The partnership is a joint effort between San Diego State University and Moores Cancer Center at University of California, San Diego. 

About the event 

The event organizers invite faculty, students, trainees, educators, community representatives and volunteers to network with potential partners in San Diego and discuss cancer issues over a meal and workshop.

“Event participants will have the opportunity to meet potential collaborators, as well as learn more about community based participatory research,” said Sharon Danoff-Burg, Ph.D., program director for the partnership.

Registration for the event is free and dinner will be provided.

Register for the event here.  For more information, contact the Partnership at (858) 822-5000.

The Future

The partnership has built the critical infrastructure necessary to implement strong, successful programs to address cancer disparities in ways that were not previously possible, Danoff-Burg said.

In the future, the partnership will continue to enhance cancer research and training at SDSU and Moores Cancer Center, advancing the body of knowledge pertaining to medically underserved ethnic communities.


The joint effort to engage the community in dialogue about health equity is just one example of how the university engages the San Diego region, a key initiative of The Campaign for SDSU. Whether it’s supporting programs that contribute directly to San Diego's growth or building academic programs to prepare for the region’s future, SDSU is an important community partner. Learn more about SDSU’s community engagement and how you can contribute

About the Partnership

Funded by the National Cancer Institute, the partnership is designed to target and enhance the wellbeing of diverse communities through cancer research, training, education, and outreach.

They have a particular benefit in being located in one of the most ethnically diverse regions of the country, Danoff-Burg said, and the partnership designs and sponsors many projects and programs aimed at improving the health of underserved communities.