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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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A giant sea star (Photo credit: Renee Dolecal) A giant sea star (Photo credit: Renee Dolecal)

SDSU Marine Lab Opens Doors

The Coastal Marine Institute Laboratory offers a rare, first-time glimpse at SDSU research in marine ecology and conservation.
By Ashley Vaughn

Take a dive into San Diego marine life with the SDSU Marine Ecology and Biology Student Association at the Coastal Marine Institute Laboratory open house from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, May 20.

Open house features

The open house will feature interactive and educational activities for all ages including touch tanks, underwater forest exhibits, research presentations and games.

In addition, research vessels and other equipment will be on display.

Raffle prizes include snorkel gear, gift certificates, and museum and aquarium passes. Sustainable seafood and BBQ from local vendors will be served.

“A thorough understanding of our local marine ecosystems is important,” said Violet Compton, lab co-chair. “It will enable more effective conservation and enjoyment of marine resources by everyone in the local community.”

About the Marine Ecology and Biology Student Association

The association, created by students, is based at the Coastal Marine Institute and Laboratory. It aims to raise awareness about current research and conservation issues in marine science.

It also serves as a resource for jobs and other academic services like providing internships and research opportunities for students.

Since being established in 2011, the association has recruited 43 undergraduate and 35 graduate student members who participate in local outreach and educational programs. Students share their knowledge of conservation approaches and restoration work with local K-9 students.

Recently the association participated in the 2012 Climate Change Student Summit at Grossmont College and at the San Diego Science Alliance High Tech Fair.

Marine Seminar Series

This year, the association hosted the 2012 Marine Science Seminar Series, which featured local scientists and students.

“The Coastal Marine Institute and Laboratory offers many different opportunities and experiences for students interested in biology and ecology of marine estuarine environments,” Compton said.

About the Coastal Marine Institue and Laboratory

The lab, which is located in Point Loma, provides students internship and research opportunities in or around the kelp forest, marshes, and eelgrass communities of San Diego Bay.

The Coastal Marine Institute and Laboratory is outfitted with both analytical and wet labs. Students have the opportunity to become certified in scientific diving and research through the diving and boating program.

Ongoing projects at the lab include investigating the impacts of global warming, understanding the abundance and associations of kelp forest fishes, and lobster movement and foraging.

A new Marine Science Seminar Series will begin this fall. The seminars are open to all SDSU students and faculty.

Find out more information about the open house.