Saturday, December 10, 2016

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When Parents Get Involved

The Aztec Parents Association encourages parents to stay active in their children's education.

Parents of college students get mixed messages about how much of a role to play in their student’s education.

But at San Diego State, the message is clear: parent participation is welcome.

The Tamborrell brothers

The Aztec Parents Association keeps parents informed about SDSU while their students are here. Part of Student Affairs, the association communicates frequently with members; organizes events for SDSU students and their families; and provides personal contacts for parents to call with questions and concerns.

Staying involved

Ricardo and Luisa Tamborrell joined the Aztec Parents Association this year when they made a gift to SDSU through the Aztec Parents Fund.

Their son Ricardo is a business major at SDSU with a focus on information systems. A younger son, David, is a freshman majoring in geology.  Both have GPAs above 3.5.

“Education is the most important ingredient for the future success of our country,” said the elder Tamborrell. “It’s a priority for Luisa and me. We know our sons are part of a strong educational community, and we can see how happy they are at SDSU.”

Both Ricardo and Luisa graduated from universities in Mexico. In 1991, they founded J & R Industrial Tools, which exports supplies to companies assembling products in Tijuana.

With the success of that company, the couple looked for a second investment. Now, they also own Label ID Technologies, a manufacturer of labels for wine and other products.

For the Tamborrells, the decision to support The Campaign for SDSU is rooted in current economic reality. They believe California no longer provides adequate funding for higher education. 

Other Aztec parents are also stepping up to support student services. The Aztec Parents Association now has approximately 21,000 members, and all are keen advocates, not only for their students but also for San Diego State.

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