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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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The new and improved Aztec Leadership Network is now a sortable resource. The new and improved Aztec Leadership Network is now a sortable resource.

Mapping Aztec Success

The new and improved Aztec Leadership Network is now a sortable resource.
By Sandra De La Torre

Need to find a biotech company in San Diego? Chances are there’s one led by an Aztec. With some recent improvements to the Aztec Leadership Network map, users can now sort through the hundreds of San Diego State University alumni-led businesses to find exactly what they need.

The Aztec Leadership Network was launched in February 2012 as a way to demonstrate all the businesses and organizations led by SDSU alumni, of which there are more than 260,000. It's also a way to encourge Aztecs to support and patronize businesses and organizations led by fellow alumni.

A sortable resource

What stated as a map and a list is now a sortable resource. Users can now look for alumni according to the college they graduated from, or their other affiliations to the university, such as the Honors Program, fraternity or sorority, The Daily Aztec or EOP. The map also includes the ability to sort by what industry they currently work in and their location.

If someone is looking for alumni who graduated from the College of Business Administration, who now works in the biotechnology industry, in a matter of seconds they’ll find Altair Theraputics, Ambit Biosciences and about a dozen others.

The Aztec Leadership Network includes more than 550 companies and these recent updates make it easier for students, alumni and members of the community to connect.

Growing the network

The map will not only include businesses and organizations in San Diego County.  The next step for the Aztec Leadership Network is to add Aztec led companies from other parts of the country, starting with the Los Angeles/Orange County and the San Francisco Bay Area. Separate maps that were already created for those areas are being merged into the master list.

Business leaders who wish to be added to the Aztec Leadership Network, or update their existing map entry, can do so by filling out an online form.