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Thursday, March 23, 2023

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Professor Chizhik working with students. Professor Chizhik working with students.

Subaru Funds Math and Science Education

A $5,000 gift from the Subaru Foundation of America will fund projects to help children learn math and science.

The Subaru Foundation of America recently presented SDSU’s Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education $5,000 to support its Informal Learning in Math and Science course which operates The Lab Zone.

The foundation is a philanthropic arm of the Subaru car company and it supports children in less fortunate areas through grants and scholarships.

About The Lab Zone

The field experience, named The Lab Zone, is held in an after-school program at the Lemon Grove Academy for the Sciences and Humanities. There, students participate in hands-on and innovative experiments, games and other activities led by and created by university undergraduate students.

The undergraduate students enroll in a 3-unit service-learning course taught by Professor Alexander “Sasha” Chizhik, in which they learn theories behind informal mathematics and science education. 

Participating students receive GE credit and meet the Early Field Experience requirement for applying to the SDSU Teacher Credential program.

For more information, visit the Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education website.