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Saturday, November 27, 2021

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An aerodynamic analysis of a joined-wing configuration airplane. An aerodynamic analysis of a joined-wing configuration airplane.

Exploring the Physics of Flight

SDSU doctoral student Rauno Cavallaro explores the aerodynamic forces on airplane configuration and insect flight.
By David Rozul

Rauno Cavallaro
Rauno Cavallaro

Aerospace engineering doctoral student Rauno Cavallaro’s research could lead to solutions for sustainable and more efficient transport systems.
A recent recipient of the Inamori Fellowship for 2012-13, Cavallaro is working on two areas of research concerning aeroelasticity, or fluid-structure interaction, in aerodynamic figures.

The first, focuses on innovative plane design, primarily joined-wing aircrafts. This new type of airplane presents lower levels of induced drag, and consequently, could achieve a reduction of fuel consumption and toxic emissions.

Secondly, Cavallaro is studying the physics of insect's flight. According to Cavallaro, an in-depth understanding of how insects and birds fly offer opportunities for engineers to mimic the design and create more efficient micro-scale flying devices. These devices could in turn be used to save lives in hazardous situations, i.e. nuclear disasters, earthquakes and fires.

The award

This year 10 Inamori fellows were named, each receiving $5,000 for a 12-month period for personal use and activities concerning research.

Applicants considered for the fellowship represented both masters and doctoral candidates from every college of the university.  Each application was first reviewed and ranked by the corresponding college-level research committee. The Student Research Council subcommittee took those recommendations into consideration and the final 10 recipients were selected.

About Inamori Fellowship

Kazuo Inamori, founder of Kyocera Corporation, provides funding to SDSU Graduate and Research Affairs in support of the Inamori Fellowship.