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Saturday, December 2, 2023

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American Indian Students Help Their Heritage

12 American Indian SDSU graduate students will complete a post-employment certificate program for American Indian and Alaskan Native rehabilitation.

In conjunction with the Circle for American Indian Rehabilitation and Education program, 12 American Indian graduate students will complete a post-employment certificate program this year.

The Post-Employment Training American Indian Rehabilitation certificate is a 21-unit graduate program that provides students with the education and tools to manage American Indian and Alaska native rehabilitation programs in the workforce.

More than 150 American Indian tribal members have participated in PET-AIR. CAIRE and PET-AIR use current American Indian issues and perspectives to provide students with a strong education foundation to assist in rehabilitation programs for the American Indian community.

About the Post-Employment Training American Indian Rehabilitation

PET-AIR is a unique program because it utilizes distance learning sessions throughout the year and holds three separate on-campus training sessions at SDSU. Each training session lasts one week and offers an intensive itinerary of lectures and administrative training.

In March, the PET-AIR students completed the third and final on-campus training session. Each day consisted of lectures and review of the final assignments needed to complete the program.

Learn more about PET-AIR

Jim Warne, a member of the Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe, is the CAIRE and PET-AIR program director at SDSU. Warne completed the PET-AIR program at SDSU, and has been leading other American Indian students ever since.